SAI himself has come down to the Home for the aged

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SAI used to appear in the dreams of his rich devotees and use them as tools for accomplishing certain tasks in his mind for the benefit of the poor and society at large. one such glorious exam-ple is that of GOPAL MUKUND BOOTY who with his wealth got constructed the BOOTY WADA which is so dear to all of us. SAI appeared in the dreams of Anand pakhde (45th chapter of "Sai Satcharitra") and advised him to offer clothes to Madhav Rao Deshpande (Shyama). I too have undergone a similar experience during the year 1993 to be precise it was 02-01-1993 and SAI became instrumental in allowing me to perform a good deed.
I was travelling by Bus from Hyderabad to Vijayawada another township in Andhra Pradesh to fulfill the tradition of respecting my newly wedded daughter and son-in law on the festive occa-sion of SANKRANTI. Since it was a night journey I was having a light nap and SAI appeared in the form a lady standing in the place of the Idol in BOOTY WADA and asking for two saris to be presented to her. My problem started with whom to be given?. I have completed the due formali-ties at my daughter's in - law's place and commenced the return journey.
I completed the parayana of 51 chapters of SAI SATCHARITRA ON 04-01-19993. I took out the bag containing the rice collected for the past 51 days to be distributed to the poor i. e. to donate in the ASHRAM - a Home for the aged, Located at Gandipet which is a suburb to Hyderabed. I could find only two lady inmates and handed over the rice grain to the Manager. I seeked the blessings from the two ladies and my mind instantaneously recalled the dream content of 2nd January 1993. I took out Rs. 202/- from my purse and offered to the two lady inmates for pur-chasing two saris. Their good wishes, physical gestures and sparkling eyes blushing with con-tentment gave me ample satisfaction as if SAI himself has come down to the Home for the aged to shower his blessings.