Sai appeared in dreams of individuals

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All of us are aware that there are many examples quoted in Sai Satcharitra which unfailingly es-tablished that Sai appeared in dreams of individuals and uttered distinct words and cautions . The incidents as predicted have taken place and in most of the cases were like early warnings and in-dicators for the coming events. I hereby take the privilege to place before you all, two such ex-periences.

It was on the wee hours of Sri Ram Navami festival during the year 1991,Sai appeared in the form of a saint and addressed me that he would grace my house in the form of Ram and Lakshman and have the prasadham from my house. As usual I informed my wife about the dream and his words. My wife by then was not in the fold of Sai and gave a casual laughter and ignored the whole episode. I have gone through the rituals of all the four Aaratis and my wife distributed prasadham to all our visitors and guests. Just before bed time, my wife put me to embarrassment with a question as to whether any of the visitors who all turned up during the day were Ram and Lakshman. I was in a state of confusion as to what should be my answer. My memory scanned through all the visitors of the day and paused at my friend Raghu Raman Satulury who happened to come to my house along with his two daughters for the evening Aarati and had Baba's prasad-ham. I have gone to bed with out answering my wife's question as I myself was not sure. Sri Sai again appeared in my dream in the form of the same saint and addressed to me that he has ful-filled his promise. Next day I met my friend and he cleared my wife's doubt. His two daughters were twins and it is normal practice amongst south Indians to identify twins with Ram and Lakshman the inseparable divine brothers of the epic Ramayana. Sai has graced the occasion in the form of twin daughters of my friend. I bowed to Sai with folded hands and with full devotion.

Let me quickly take you through the second experience. It was on the eve of my daughter's mar-riage, I had been to her would be in - law's residing in the township of Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. I planned to leave on 8th of March 1992 and return back by 9th March 1992. On the night of 7th March 1992 ( early hours of 8th March 1992 ) Sai appeared in the form of a middle aged person wearing cooling glasses and a cap dressed in a pant and shirt and demanded a Dakshina of Rs.5/-. As a devotee of Sai, I knew that it would happen as indicated and was mentally prepared to face. I have completed the planned task and was on my way back to home . On reaching Railway station I understood that the train was behind schedule by two hours. At six ' o clock in the morning I was waiting for the train to come sitting on a bench on the platform NO 1. After a while a middle aged person with similar attire and cooling glasses sat on the bench adjacent to me. My joy knew no bounds and I was in an enlightened state. How am I to offer the Dakshina of Rs.5/-? If I di-rectly offer him he may not accept and on the other hand may shout at me for the mistaken iden-tity. I took courage, stood up, walked towards his bench, dropped the five Rupee currency note and told him that his money has fallen down, all performed in quick succession. He picked up the note with a typical smile cast at me and walked away fast. I could see Sai in him and the promise in action.