Sadhanas and Mahavakya as per Scriptures

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Statements are of two types.
1. Primary Statement.
2. Secondary Statement.
Secondary Statement is that statement which is followed by an action.
For Example.
what is the taste of Sugar or How the Tea tastes or How do you feel while travelling in a Plane.
What ever is said about it; to actually know the taste of Sugar you have to eat it; to know the taste of Tea You have to Drink it; to know the feeling you have to travel in a Plane.
Most of the Sadhanas are of this type-Secondary Statement.
A person is told to do Nama japa; Pranayama, Meditation or Awakening of Kundalini etc. for so many numbers,time, type etc to get particular effect.
To get this particular effect one has to do Nama japa; Pranayama, Meditation or Awakening of Kundalini etc.for that particular numbers,time, type etc.
In short Statement is follwed by an action.
In contrast, no action follows a Primary Statement. Only understanding is required.
For Example.
This is a Table; This is a Computer; This is an Elephant. You have to Only understand it. No action is required to follow this statement.
Scriptures at high level mentions the Primary Statement. This is called as MahaVakya.
Some Examples of MahaVakya are: -
1. Tat Tvam Asi (That Thou Are);
2. Aham Brahmasmi (I Am Brahman);
3. Soham (That I Am);
4. Humsaha (I Am That);
5. Etc.,Etc. as many are there.
In Christanity also thses kind of MahaVakya are there.
Some Examples are: -
1. I and My Father are one;
2. I Am before Abraham;
3. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not three but one;
4. I Am That I Am;
5. Etc....
In other religeon also thses kind of MahaVakya are there.
For Example Jehouah (Sorry if it is mis-spelt) in Jew etc....
When these MahaVakya's are explained to you by your Guru or Scriptures, you have to only understand and accept it as truth with full conviction and act accordingly. You need not go on repeating it as parrot or spend hours together for ages.Realisation is much faster in this method. Chice is Yours.