Sadguru ~ a perspective ~

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from : Sadguru Shri Shivkrupanand Swamiji.

Paramatma is present everywhere.
Paramatma is present within our selves also.
But apart from Paramatma there is also the garbage of a number of bad memories; there are thoughts of attachments.

But all this is unnatural, and Paramatma is natural.
That is why as long as we keep on getting all these thoughts we will not be able to remain in a natural state.

And as long as we cannot become natural and straightforward, the Paramatma within ourselves will never manifest.

Unnatural thoughts always come to an end at natural places.

That is why sages and ascetics who practice spiritual discipline go into the proximity of nature for their sadhana (spiritual practices).

In the spiritual field, in Indian culture, the Sadguru has been given importance because whenever you believe in any Guru, that is, bow before him, you reduce your ego of ‘I’.

This ego of ‘I’ is a barrier between the Soul and the body; and it is this ‘I’ that is the ditch between positive and negative feelings.

The body exists because of the Soul and not the Soul because of the body.

Once the Soul leaves, no one cares about the body.

The ego of ‘I’ is the filth of the body which pollutes the mind.

When one comes close to the fire that is the Sadguru, the camphor of the ego that is one’s ‘I’, is burnt.

That is, becoming the disciple of a Sadguru is a very big event of dismissing one’s ego of ‘I’.

That is why the Sadguru tries to make every disciple bow before the Guru-Energies, because he knows that Guru-Energies are imperishable.

My body is perishable; the sadhak should bow before the Guru-Energies. It does not make any significant difference to the Sadguru whether the sadhak bows before him or not;

but it is the sadhak who is affected because the occasion for a sadhak to bow down and to empty oneself (of negativities) may or may not come into his life;

the Sadguru is aware of this but the sadhak is not aware of it.

In our culture, even those whom we accept as God believe in their Gurus.

The culture and tradition of Sadguru is very old in India;

that is why it has been said that the “Sadguru is the Supreme Reality”; that is, the Sadguru is the visible form of Paramatma.

: Sadguru Shri Shivkrupanand Swamiji.