Sadguru is the Center or Kendra where faith meets liberation.

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What a person believes that he becomes. His Karma or actions are influenced or motivated by the beliefs he keeps about himself, people around him and of the world. Every person acts according to his individual beliefs. With a firm belief in matter, he becomes more inclined towards material attachments and a strong belief(faith) in Spirit(The all pervasive consciousness or self-consciousness) makes him a lover of Spirituality. What you believe, surprisingly that attracts you more. If you believe only in Matter, you tend to live a materialistic life. On the contrary if you believe in Spirit(Goodness, God or Truth ) you naturally opt for good life, good thoughts or deeds. Ones beliefs shape his personal aims, intentions, resolution or decisions and affecting, ultimately, thereby his future course of action or Karma and life. Every person should ask himself, ‘What is the shape of my future? As what choices one makes that creates his future . If he considers or finds himself belonging to certain religion, race, caste, community or nation; then all his actions or deeds or choices are driven by such belief of belonging or false notion. Suppose, One starts believing that if certain tasks or goals are achieved in his life – only then he is successful, then he has a ‘false concept’ of success. Because his definition of success or achievement is biased by the opinion of others and the system of beliefs he belongs to. As people have told him that such an attainment alone is what consists of success. Now, if something like that doesn’t happen in his life, then he will believe that he is a failure, because others call it a failure. This indicates that he has to be unhappy or happy depending on these beliefs and concepts of others. The moment these notions or ideas come under the light of Understanding (Knowledge of the Reality), they disappear. As these are nothing but merely beliefs or ideas. Hence all his ideas or beliefs related to his name, status, nationality, religion, caste, creed or personal identity are an expansion or a reflection of the mistaken belief or imagination he has. First of all he is a human-being and only then a Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or Christian or Indian or American or Black or White etc. Only understanding of the underlying Truth can change one’s perception.
His perception of seeing others also changes when he realizes his true identity as the Self – the Existential Consciousness that lies eventually, beyond the limited confines of various beliefs and his body. The biggest notion is that of our self and about the body. All these common but false notions arises when one is not aware or conscious about his real identity or true self and firmly believes that he is a body and a part of the mortal world.
Then how to get rid of these wrong ideas, notion or beliefs? To get rid of it, these misconception or fallacy or beliefs must be replaced by firm faith on (the Entity) Truth who manifests Himself as the eternal laws that governs the entire creation. These eternal laws called ‘ The Law of Eternity’ or ‘Sanatan Niyama’; is none other than the Existential Truth that lies at the core of everything. One atheist may not believe God but he has to accept or believe the Law of Eternity or the Existential Truth or massive force or power behind the eternal laws. An atheist names it as ‘Energy’ or ‘Power’ where as a saint or believer names Him as ‘God’. The same entity is named differently by different persons as per the respective perception or beliefs they have. Truly speaking it is very difficult to get rid of these false identities, ideas or beliefs without the intercession or impulsion by another force. This additional force or authority is none other than ‘Sadguru’. He is the Center or Kendra where faith meets liberation.

Hence with truthful observation and repeated contemplation of the Truth– the wrong automatically ends and all misconception and beliefs vanish. When all false ideas, notions or imaginations about yourself get broken – your faith on Truth or God or Guru attains a higher state of stillness.
Divya Darshan says,-“From knowledge of the Supreme comes faith, from faith comes devotion, from devotion come blessings. Hence, it matters little whether you ascribe any form to the Supreme or believe in His formlessness. You should gather knowledge of the Supreme in order to gain faith and devotion by which you will get His blessings.”
(Amrit Bindu-44)
“Mind cannot be restrained unless strong faith is reposed on the Supreme.” (Amrit Bindu-39)
Ultimately It depends on ones thirst for the knowledge of Truth. As and when this thirst increases – his faith on Truth or God also simultaneously increases with the proper understanding of the underlying reality therein. If somebody keeps listening to the Truth, keeps attending the spiritual discourses, satsang and divine seminars and sadhna sivirs or if he keeps company of those friends who are also seekers of Truth – then this thirst will definitely arise or a deep understanding of the Absolute will surely sprout piercing the false facade of odd beliefs and institutions.
- Jai Sadguru