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To be free of bondage we must put ourselves under some more.

This may seem paradoxical and outlandish but on closer examination it would be found that it is a pragmatic way to go about dealing with the issue of inner bondage that we have so become accustomed to that we do not even realise it.

I am speaking of rules which we all know are useful for collective coexistence but more so can be an aid to inner growth. As a matter of fact rules whether self imposed or otherwise serve as a good reminder and could protect us from harms way. When we start our spiritual journey we may be sincere but ego has subtle ways of deceiving and being an insider it always has some tricks up its sleeve. Rules give us an objective yardstick to measure the pique that ego feels when it has to do something which is not its own bidding.

Rules are a good aid for self-observation and can serve as a good alarm clock. Yet we must remember, " And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath" Mark 2:27. As with everything we could go overboard and tie ourselves in knots if we do not care to remember that rules are a means and not an end in themselves.