Role of Guru in our Lifes

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It’s extremely important for us to understand the role of the Guru in our lives. If we look at our lives today – during weekends most of us go to temples. We believe in the Guru. We have devotion for the Guru. When we go to a temple also we have devotion. Devotion is triggered by the Power of the Soul. That Power is the Guru. It is to this Power that we must pay our supreme reverence.
How can we cultivate supreme devotion?
This is where the Guru comes in. We don’t really understand the role of the Guru in our lives. We know that the Guru is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, but we still don’t understand the power behind the Guru. This is because we don’t revere and respect our own inner Self. We should revere and respect our own inner Self first. The moment we do this, we understand that our inner core is extremely pure --- it’s pure consciousness. Since we don’t understand this pure consciousness or Chetana in us, we open the doors in our mind to negative thoughts and emotions. The first thing the Guru teaches us is to understand this inner power and the second thing He teaches us is to revere this power.
Thanks to my Guru who has made this world a paradise for all his devotees.
I bow down to the lotus feet of my beloved Guru...

Jai Guru Nimishananda