Rodent Clowns

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Rodent Clowns
My view of life in the woods---The woods here offers so much learning - it never stops amazing me. Yesterday I noticed 2 critters trying to access the bird feeder - I think I wrote of them as squirrels. They seemed kind of funny looking squirrels very skinny and elongated snouts. I did not realize they had no hairy body. Today I see the same two and am looking and looking and then one jumped onto the feeder and I saw his long skinny tail- they are rats!!! Was talking with someone on the phone and they said YEWWW!!!

So why is it we have negative thoughts about rats? Carried forward why do we have negative thoughts about anything? Conditioning for me- I have been taught that rats are bad - pigs are dirty and cows are stupid and birds are not so smart either.

Well it is just not true- pigs like mud because they do not sweat and need the mud to cool off- cows can find their way home here in CA they feed on the highest hills and do not tumble down - birds are very smart- when there is something they want they will study how to get there and then can go thru complicated routes to get to it( this I have seen with my own birds - and they are the most loving critters.) Now rats ?? Well read the site called rats are people too...amazing what they are capable of-

So what does this have to do with Kundalini? As I become more open to the flow of the gift of Kundalini Awakening love I see how negative I am toward the world around me. As chrism suggests in his teachings when something comes up that we want to change then use the crucible of reversal-this is a technique that chrism writes of where we have in mind at all times a joyous image and then go there when negative responses come. Today I see the rats - I realize how I feel about rats and I choose to change my view of the rats- Actually they were pretty funny hanging from the tree with their hide legs and putting their snout into the bird feeder then one jumped on the feeder and went down - rodent clowns-

How strange that I feel differently about rats after this encounter. And there was a blue bird sitting right on the limb next to the rats - He stayed there for a time which I felt was interesting. Cooperation
waiting his turn ? I find myself since my K not to be much in a hurry- oh there is an occasional time when I have an appt yet in day to day happenings it does not matter how fast I move especially now with the
bum knee - I am forced to take my time and be mindful.

The owner here was not happy about the rats - I said they have to eat too and besides we are on a river - rats and rivers tend to go hand and hand - humans trying to control their environment once again. I do hope he does not take the feeders down for the birds are very grateful as am I they are my entertainment - my means of learning- a fine example of community. One day I hope to be in community and I feel the lessons here will be helpful.

Just had to share - I find this place as I rode in the car seeing the huge redwoods that form all kinds of patterns in their growth I started to cry for the beauty is just breathtaking and I know I may not have this experience much longer. Am wanting to breathe it in and store the feelings. One need not walk in the woods to touch the beauty just sit and look - sit and ponder sit and be mindful...

Knowings from the woods- how blessed and grateful I am being here in CALIFORNIA.