rituals and worships are not the means to know the truth

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The rituals and japa and worship hold good only when one thinks himself as a person and perceives the world as reality. When one becomes aware of the fact that, the self is not the physical body, then whatever is practiced on the false physical entity is part of the falsehood.

When Sri, Sankara says, world is myth, and Brahman is real. Therefore it is better to find and realize; how the world is myth? and on what base it is myth? and what is Brahman, which is real? Mere imagining this truth or that is truth on the false physical entity will not yield any fruits.

Sri, Sankara clearly says: the truth lies beyond religion and scriptures and concept of god. If so, it is better to look beyond, rater to find scientific explanation,since science can unfold only the mystery of an object, within the mind, not the mind as a whole.

All rituals and worship are good for the mass, but they are not the means to know the truth.

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Yes, I agree, and while I

Yes, I agree, and while I certainly see the value in various rituals and practices at some levels of understanding, it's good to challenge the foundation on which they are based, which is ultimately the egoic self which, itself, stands in the way of that which the practice is intended to seek. Perhaps better to ask, who is it who needs to perform a ritual or practice and to what end other than to realize there is no practitioner?

Phroggy | Fri, 09/19/2008 - 19:02