A Ripple And A Sunbeam

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A ripple and a sunbeam
Went chasing each other's tail

Skinny dipping
On the waters of the lake

Whizzing by on a skateboard
All over the place

Is a ram-rod majestic sycamore
More beautiful
Than a gnarly goblin tree

Can you turn the wind around
So that the ashes of dust would fly thither

And only the fragrance of jasmines
Would find their way quayside

Will that pretty little bud
Even see the light of day
If it weren't for the caterpillar
Chewing half of it away

Would if the sun was so bright
On a cold winter's day

Could the hem be a little longer
Than whatever the description of short is

Would instead of a furrowed brow
A smile could caress my lips

Would the world be fine
If folks thought of others
An never of themselves

Or the other way around
Whichever version be convenient

Would it be okay then

And wrongs could be righted
And righted ones
Laid to rest

And life would be a standing
On stilts
All laid out in perfect little squares

Then would
You be you
And me be me

And ripples and sunbeams
Wouldn't dance


And in the one hand clapping
There'd be no zing

And the sunbeam and the ripple
Lost themselves to the sea


The whole world
Spun wondrously

And song and dance

Who was left to say
Who you
Who me

Emptiness overflowing

Baby eyes
Ever fresh

And disappearing

And a ripple and a sunbeam

Went chasing each other's tail

Skinny dipping
In the waters of the lake

Whizzing by on the skateboard
All over the place

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I'm reading your posts for quite some time and enjoy it, thank you for bringing this beauty.

shira | Mon, 03/19/2018 - 15:59
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Thank you <3

Thank you Shira!

Have been writing and posting on Gurusfeet for many a year now!

When the songs first began to flow...I pretty much knew nothing of computers...
About 7 odd years ago, my daughter found me this site...so this is where I first began to sing...
And continue to do so....even though I have no clue if anyone sees the posts or reads them :-)

A few years ago I stared singing on Face Book as well ...it was also new to me and I'd opened an account so that the kids could share pictures of the grandkids with me...hahaha...then I started sharing and posting these songs there as well as in a few groups...but I've never stopped singing on here....it has a special place in my heart !

Even as I know that words fall short by a mile...and that this cannot really be shared...yet the songs sing me
...of what life is like after this shift in perception...as the brain sees through it's own charade

Even awakening is the dream

Recently 2 books have been published
Bird Song
Heart Songs
Sheer delight in having put them together




Monica Dayakar

MAI | Fri, 03/23/2018 - 23:44
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I also came across this site by chance overhearing friends talking about it many years ago and have stayed since.

I love that you use the verb "sing" also for the act of writing them in a blog, melody is not just sonic tunes.

The books look impressive, who designed the cover?

Why wouldn't you create here a guru profile for yourself and then have the 2 books listed in the last tab? I can do it for you if you want, will take 5 min...

shira | Sat, 03/24/2018 - 16:55
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Not a guru :-)


Thank you for the offer, but I'm no guru!
And I have nothing to teach!

Just a flowing tone poem...trilling along
Singing a song

This cannot be taught...
And one needs any qualification requirements for it

It is always on
It is ever here

It needs no methods nor practices
Which only tighten the noose around the seekers' neck...
Stringing the seeker along
Giving the impression that the self is getting somewhere!

There's nothing the self can do to "get" this...
And yet
If it gets you
You will know

Nor does it have anything to do with god or religion or even spirituality...I don't even know what that term means anymore...

It's always been on
Just never noticed

If it wasn't for the separation, awareness could never be aware of itself...
This one step, two step...nonesuch...

So yes
Awakening is the dream as well!

Most quickly latch on to and fill in the blanks with "Eternal Consciousness"...or "True Nature"...or some such thing...or the "Self" with a capital "S"...
Just a bigger better me...

The end of hope and fear...
And even though excruciating....
Awakening is not a walk in the park...

I never heard anyone speak of this in all the non-duality forums...
Just the woo-woo bliss stuff....
And it ain't pretty...

I've never shied away from singing of what this evisceration is like...

Some of us wouldn't settle for less than nothing!

It was not that we were particularly brave...
There simply was no choice in any of it!

Who in their right mind sets out to get ripped...
Of all the ideas one has held of oneself...
The good, the bad and the ugly?
Yes...even the good ones..


Most seekers don't even know
What it is they're looking for...

I didn't either...

Just some new fangled idea in my head
Calling it "Truth"...

Most are seeking for more, better, next....
And there is not...

The self when seen through doesn't die....
It never existed in the first place!

No one wants to hear this...!!

Love ripped me apart...
I often speak of it as the tiger
And the tiger was me
And my own love put me back again

There's a huge psychological release
And oh...the utter ease of simply being
And a peace that passeth understanding

And the sheer awe and wonderment of this


P.S. The book covers were designed by the publishers...along with the interior layouts...
I just gave the colour palettes preference for both...:-)


Monica Dayakar

MAI | Sun, 03/25/2018 - 00:31
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I remember you


I remember you!

When I first started tentatively sharing on here...I didn't have the language nor the words...

Then the songs began to sing themselves
Into the flow...

Thank you for being here

I love you

Monica Dayakar

MAI | Sat, 03/24/2018 - 02:01