Riddles to Realization

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Riddles to Realization

the answer to just one of the never-ending riddles
that reality needs UN-answered
to appear real
is “realization.”

Why is physics' ONLY certainty its Uncertainty Principle?
Where is all the anti-matter that matter needs to exist?
How can different things be the same?
How can everything be the same?
Why does physics tell us that the Observer determines the observation?
Why is this observer ALWAYS at the center of the universe and ALSO at its expanding edge... and everywhere between?
And if the Observer is always at the center of the Universe then how can he move?
Why does the fastest thing, “Light”, have no time to move let alone speed?
Why did god create something he must hate to keep his religions happy?
Why is god's worst curse his religions?
How is a thought different from a memory?
Why do we have choice but NEVER ever when we want/need it? (Like a choice not to have cancer, a choice not to be poor or sick or not to get killed/raped, abused, insulted... like a choice not to die... like a choice not to be born.)
If we can control our thoughts then why do we have morons and idiots... especially educated morons and idiots?
If we can control thinking then why can't we snap our fingers to turn it off?

… etc etc etc

the answer to just one of these riddles
ALL the mysteries/riddles of the Universe
to be the spiritual “realization”

– the "realization" that actually de-realizes “reality.”

really Really REALLY.