Resting in Oneness

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"Where you place your attention
will determine your experience
in this moment and partly
your experience in the future.

So if your attention
is fixed on the 'me'
my problems, my desires,
my beliefs, my success,
even my enlightenment,
then you remain in a state
of separation and conflict.

You will always feel separate from peace.

So that is why there are
all of the meditation techniques,
all of the different ways we can
place our attention on the oneness
that is beyond this sense of being bound
by the obsessive fixation on 'me.'

You focus on a guru,
you focus on witnessing your experience,
you focus on the sense
of impersonal being,
on the bliss or energy you feel
on a mantra, on your breath,
all of these and more free your attention
from being bound by this mental fixation on 'me'
and allow it to begin to rest
in its natural state of peace and oneness.

So you have your time in meditation
where the sole purpose is
to allow your attention to expand
beyond individual mental experience

into oneness.

But you also have the rest of your day
to consider where you place your attention.

Even if you are busy in work,
if your attention is fixed on
giving yourself completely over
to the task at hand,
rather than focusing on
a certain outcome you want to occur,
then that is also spiritual practice.
That is also a way to transcend
the individual self into oneness.

If you want to live in unconditional peace,
then you can't just allow the identified mind
to run all over the place like a dog in heat.

You can allow the mind
to run as it wants
while remaining a witness to it,
because in that your attention
has transcended the individual mind
experience and the mind will begin
to reflect that.

But if witnessing in that way is too difficult
then it is good to let your attention remain
on a simple meditation technique.

You notice you get caught up in thoughts,
you just gently let them go
and bring your attention back to the technique,
bring your attention back to oneness.

Don't get caught up in
looking for a certain outcome,
because that is the mind's subtle way
of remaining fixed on the 'me.'

But rather give your attention
freely to any of these techniques
and you will begin to feel the bliss,
peace or love that is beyond separation.

And then simply letting your attention
rest in that feeling of bliss is enough.

That bliss will take care of everything.

Much love,


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Dear blissmusic,
What an apt and beautiful description.
I do remember when meditation first started spontaneously happening,it might have started with the guru being the object of love or of adoration.
Almost immediately, it was overtaken by, a deep sense of immense love arising,quickly peaking to such an unimaginable sense of devotion, which is pretty much beyond desription...!!!
The love and devotion that arose and had nothing to do with the guru, as a person, just an impersonal sense of beingness,an overwhelming sense of being that love, that devotion, that expanded state of oneness.
From where all was witnessed, as in periferal vision, there yet not there.
And a deep, deep sense of peace would descend into the very depths of my soul.
I never called it anything, but I now guess it was a deep sense of bliss.
And there would it abide for hours on end.
The darshan crowds of a few hundreds, or even thousand, would dissipate from around me.
The guru would dissapear into the nothingness that he had come from..
And I'd still be sitting there quite oblivious, of myself or my surroundings.
Had no recollection of when I'd get up, go to my room, bathe, cook, eat, or sleep.
Yet apparently all that was happening too, and rather smoothly too...
In an everflowing stream...


MAI | Wed, 12/19/2012 - 03:00
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Beautiful, Mai. Thank you. I love your writings.

blissmusic | Wed, 01/09/2013 - 23:37
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Thank you

Thank you for the same,Kip.


MAI | Fri, 01/11/2013 - 13:35