Respected Dear Sir "Genep" ji please throw your Angerness, I am like ur brother not enemy

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Respected Dear Sir "Genep" ji please throw your Angerness, I am like ur brother not enemy, In the last few days i found that you are not happy with me, as i read your comments against my posts, but i don't know why u are doing this to me, let me make u clear about something:
* I am not any guru or spritual master, i am just simple person like others,
* I am not a trapper, the thing is, I like the site & i love to pass aways my views on the site, I am not saying that my views are only right, I know they are 100% wrong, but i love to pass them on the site,
* I respect you, I always feel intresting to read your posts, but i am not having so good english, so i think there must be some communocation gaps with me,
Last Thing: many times i tried to send a private message to you to clear some misunderstandings in my Broken English, but i did not found any link in your profile, Thatsway i am putting up this post, Please just forgive me if i have said anything wrong i am like your brother, Once again Sorry!, Goodbye.

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Hello jasdir singh jaura ji

there is nothing to be sorry for …

There is no-choice:
The Observer must determine his/her observations.
The Observer (and NOT the words)
determines what words say.

I have no-choice,
words that vanish dualities entertain me.

YOU also have no-choice:
if the SAME words cannot entertain you
then they will make you create the conflict
that makes dualities appear real.

ps sorry about the private messaging
it is now enabled.

genep | Thu, 08/12/2010 - 14:46