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Haven't been here in a while but this site is still part of my heart. I just would like to share some info that may or may not be useful for some of us.

If you're a westerner, you may be wanting some guidance on the teaching landscape here in the U.S. First things first, though. One thing that many of us may need to sort out is our view of what enlightenment is. Eastern teachers and traditions have built up an image of enlightenment in much the same way Christianity has built up an image of what heaven or salvation is. And both have made a fortune on selling what all it takes to get each of those destinations. Forget all the glitz and glamour of that stuff. If your looking for systems and techniques to bring you abundance, happiness, or spiritual ability to save the world, then by all means seek that stuff out and enjoy it. If you are a seeker searching for Truth, or meaning, or a certain confirmation of the nature of things, then your heart is longing for something else and it can be difficult to sort through all the BS out there. And there really is a ton of it.

In the U.S. there are an abundance of awakened souls out amongst us. I used to not be able to fathom this. Not all of them are teachers, not all of them are saints, and not all of them are known. Some of them aren't even what some of us would consider decent human beings. Many of them, though, are just like you and I. This is because Enlightenment, God-Realization, Self-Realization, Awakening, or whatever you want to call it needs no special technique, sacrifice, worthiness, etc. If anything, all it needs is a willingness to let go of what you think you know.

There are a few communities in the states that are great resources for the seeker. Fairfield, Iowa; Asheville, North Carolina; and Ojai, California are a few that I have come across where there seems to be a good chance of meeting a genuine realized.(and please..forget the terminology here. What is important is what is trying to be conveyed.) Anyway, you don't have to go all the way to India if you don't want to. If you do, cool.

The website is a tremendous resource to help the western seeker. There are many interviews of ordinary realized and well known realized that offer outstanding insights concerning the nature of Self and self-realization with ordinary easy to understand back and forth dialogue. I'm not saying every interview or interview-ee is outstanding because there is some nonsense, as far as I'm concerned, but this site is truly priceless. There is also a sizable community on Facebook connected to non-dual or advaitic teachers who often provide valuable insights and resources to the seeker..As has been my experience anyway. Heck, you can "friend" many of the teachers personally to get to know them. And sometimes they "friend" you, too ;)

I'm sharing some of this stuff because I spent a number of years in confusion and darkness unable to find any hint that anyone in the world was seeing reality the same way I was. Much of that was from my own self created thought processes. The teachers and religions were blind, as far as it seemed to me, so they were of no use. But for the one who is only concerned with Truth or God or whatever it is you call it, then know there are people and teachers out there that could be of help if you are looking for it.

There are many genuine realized I like but it's still a small list compared to who is all out there and I'm still stumbling across teachers and the ordinary awakened all the time. There are some great books also, though I've only read a few of what is available myself.

I hope at least some of the info here is of use. If anyone would like to add information pertinent to this topic that I might have left out or may not be aware of, please feel free to do so.

On another note, on this site I've made disparaging remarks concerning a couple of teachers. A while back, I didn't resonate with many teachers out there. I had an old school bend. So just to clear a few things up, Adyashanti and Eckhart Tolle are legit. Not that this means anything because who the eff am I? But it bothered me that I made those comments concerning the legitimacy or extent of their realization so please indulge me here.

Take care....