Renouncing Moh - Maya

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Mind is our enemy. It is the agent of Kal. Its job is to puzzle and mislead the being. It entangles the being in the world and keeps it away from the wave of Shabd. We can't do any work good or bad without taking it along with in this land of Kal.
When the mind is made to follow the Bhajan (Shabd Dhun) it runs towards worldly attachment and perversions at once.
Thus it takes a lot of time to renounce Moh-Maya to withdraw worldly thoughts, to concentrate attention at Tisra Til and to manifest the radiant form of the Satguru. We have to fight severely with the mind in order to achieve this objective and we have to bear restlessness for a longer period. The progress in this practice is very slow. One needs to come with patience and firm determination daily in the ground/field of struggle.
Withdrawing attention from the body and concentrating at the Tisra Til is like an ascending with the speed of an ant. The ant ascends on the wall, falls down and tries again to ascend and falls again. Similarly, we try to take the attention within and the mind wanders outside. We succeed sometimes whereas mind succeeds sometimes. It is a lifelong struggle.
As the scattered attention starts concentrating then the wandering of the mind decreases and one starts feeling peace and Nectar within. The hands and feet start sleeping and slowly and steadily the legs and the top part start sleeping. These are the marks of progress in repetition. We should have a close watch at our condition within in this practice and we should try to step ahead. The path is lengthy and the traveller, whose journey is long ,always keeps his eyes on the way and keeps on stepping ahead continuously.

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Mind is not the enemy

My guru says, "Mind is not the enemy." You need your mind to get to the doorway of spiritual advancement. If you use your mind as the tool it is meant to be, you can figure out enough to get to a place where you have a chance to understand.

Most of the world does not use their minds a tools. That is why it is said that the mind is an enemy....when it is the master, it is the enemy. When it is the tool of the master, it is an aid.

Gilana | Wed, 08/18/2010 - 07:24
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Ok ur guru Says This,

Ok ur Guru Says This,
Than go & send ur guru for the comments,
I Respect ur Guru,
Who ever He Is,
But I can't Belive U,
How Can I Know That, R u a Sincere Disciple,
How Can I Know That U Obey All His Teachings,
Sorry! for Anythig Wrong,

jasdir singh jaura | Wed, 08/18/2010 - 09:04
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You could ask


I am a sincere disciple,

I do not obey all his teachings. I try, but often I don't know what they mean until much happens.

Even when I know what they mean I demean them, I poo-poo them, I say they don't apply to me--that i am far too advanced for that, I say he doesn't know what he is talking about,

I say, Well, maybe....then I dream about them, I see them and deny them, i exalt in them, I finally do them. Sometimes.

Then they attack me, I am paralyzed and cannot do anything but them, then something I've always thought myself to be dies and life becomes something different.

His instructions are alive.

Gilana | Wed, 08/18/2010 - 16:25
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Dear Sister,

Dear Sister,
I Liked to see Your LOVE & RESPECT for ur Respected GURU,
Please let me to Advice you something if u think me as ur Brother,
Leaving ur GURU, who ever he is, do not follow the teachings of anybody else,
Do not Take or Give arguments regarding spirituality because this prooves ur unfaith on guru,
Always put the Expencive teachings of ur GURU, After Taking Impelements on yourself, Otherwise it can proove U & Relatievly ur guru wrong,
At the End,
* Arguments hv no ends,
* I hv seen Normal talks Turning into Arguments,
Anyway Sorry! for anything wrong or pinching,
Humble Respect for ur GURU,
Goodbye for my Sister.

jasdir singh jaura | Thu, 08/19/2010 - 06:57
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"Mind" considered a formidable barrier to spiritual progress .

Mind in its present state is burdened with huge karmic load of past lives. It is enthralled by the outgoing faculties of senses and is thus driven helplessly into the mire of sense-gratification. The alphabet of spiritual progress commences with the control of mind. It is said that unless mind is controlled, senses are disciplined, and intellect is stilled, we cannot have experience of Self- realization. Human body is just like a chariot wherein soul is the rider, mind is the driver, intellect is the reins and senses are the powerful steeds running amuck in the mire of sensuous gratification. It is for this reason that having a retrace of the facts, the senses are to be disciplined, intellect stilled and mind controlled so that inner experience of soul can be had. Mind is accustomed to roam about externally through ages. Unless it is offered something more joyous within, it cannot be controlled. The four main attributes of mind as discussed above have to be divinised before any perceptible right understanding of the subject can be arrived at. Just as at present we are so greatly impressed by the facts of externality of life that we have little or no knowledge of the higher spiritual truths Full or Divine beatitude; which is gross ignorance, similarly unless we have firm conviction of the life of the Beyond, there is no hope of our mind taking the right turn. It is only in the presence of the Living Master, who has full command and control on His mind, that we find radiant reflections of inner stillness and equipoise of the mind. A Saint has exclaimed aptly:
"If you are firmly resolved to proceed to the Beloved Lord, you should put one foot on the mind and the other will enable you to reach the alley of the Friend."
Self is the friend of self and self is the foe of self. The mind, acting as a slave to the senses, running after the sense-objects, debases itself. As a reckless sower of the karmic seeds, it has, per force, to reap and garner an abundant harvest, in life after life, in an endless series. The poor soul in the light and life of which the mind works is hopelessly and helplessly relegated to the background and the mind assumes the supreme command of the citadel of the body. What a pity ! The princess of the royal blood is swayed by the wiles of a trickster who himself is being pleasurably duped by the siren-songs of the senses and, is unwittingly dancing to their tunes on the stage of mundane life. No wonder that it poses menace to the security and integrity of the soul, running a handicap race with formidable and at times insurmountable hurdles in the way. We have, therefore, to subdue this inveterate foe before we can smoothly tread the spiritual path. To subdue the mind by force is impracticable. It has to be won over steadily by persuasion and by giving it some foretaste of the real happiness which a Master-Saint alone can do.

jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 08/20/2010 - 08:25