Religions instigate guilt

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In a very popular pray sang by Jews in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, there is a sentence that goes as follows:

We have sinned before you, have mercy on us.

Such an approach exists almost in all organized religions, including Islam and Christianity.

The state of mind promoted by such a sentence is meant to instigate deep fear-driven guilt. This fear-driven guilt is a fundamental component of organized religion's agenda of controlling the religious folks.

Guilt means inner conflict. A conflict between what I did and what I should have done. And a conflict means distress and fear from punishment. Without such distress and fear, why would people come and ask for the help of organized religions? of its role-based appointed authorities?

The truth is that you did not comit any sin. Actually, you couldn't comit a sin as you are not the doer.

A first step in the spiritual path is to pacify your mind. This can only be achieved by letting go conflicts, guilt and other accumulated conditionings you inherited from your culture and environment.

The second step is to give up authorities and organizations by realizing that no one owns the truth, no one owns god, no one has a manopoly over spirituality and religion. This may be scary in the beginning because you got used to the convenience of putting responsibility on these authorities that will always tell you what to do and elevate your spirit. Now you are on your own, but actually you are not, as in this new path, god, for the first time, is with you. You will feel it. Not in your mind, in your heart.

And you will also feel freedom. Maybe for the first time.

Do not be afraid. Not from the organized religions and not from yourself. It is not worth to live in fear and it takes you nowhere in the spiritual path.

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Religion = control of human by fear and greed

Not just religion, we see that in our homes too... spouses try to control each other by using fear (threat) and greed (reward).

Because Religions are created for self-serving purposes of prophets, messiahs, kings, social upper classes (like brahmin, etc.) No wonder they will use "Fear" and "Greed" or "Pain" and "Pleasure" technique.

Man has learnt that by giving pain, we can make animals do things what we want. But man is a somewhat advanced than an animal so, they used "Pleasure" concept (like heaven, glory, fame, etc.)

This Religious technique is also used very well by the Corporate (and generally by all humans who want to control) - praise (employee of the month,) and condemnation!

So, If you really want to be free - then leave Fear and Greed. And Religion's one more important tool is "HOPE" they give false hopes!!!

The God Concept is so ridiculous, they say their God can do anything and when it comes to treating diseases, they only turn towards medicine instead of only prayers.

Because EVERYONE Knows that PRAYERS are never answered!!! And when prayers are not answered many a times, they they switch/change their religion and finally become an atheist!!!

Only God is required to make you a slave! else there's no need for a god to the egotistical people. Obey to our God's wish or die you apostate!!! :-)

fast_rizwaan | Mon, 09/21/2009 - 00:51


religion removes the guilties and makes the devotees free from such matters if devotees have fully surrendered to Almighty the God.

NIDHI PARKASH | Fri, 10/23/2009 - 05:04