Relgion and yoga are obstacle in unfoding the mystry of the mind.

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Spiritual pursuit is a very personal journey. Seeker of truth has to bifurcate everything which is based on the false identity that is 'I' as self, such as religion,god ,paths and theories and philosophy.

Seeker of truth should not indulge in condemning religion and yoga or its gurus or gods and it code of conduct. But he has to highlight its fallacy for his own information which helps him to proceed deeper in investigation.

Seeker of truth has to mingle and discuss with like minded people but never indulge in arguments abouts religious doctrines and its ideas of god.

Religion and god and guru glorification and scriptural studies or yoga are not needed in pursuit of truth. The intense urge and courage to accept the truth and reject the untruth, when contraindicated truth is reveled through inquiry analysis and reasoning.

Guru and guru glorification is not needed but proper guidance is needed through a wee qualified guide to remove all the doubts and confusion. Well directed receptive mind free from religious and yogic or any sort of knowledge based on the ego is very much necessary to acquire the wisdom.

All the accumulated knowledge from religion and yoga and paths and theories are mere dross in pursuit of truth. Religion and yoga are helpful for the mass and the society but they are barricade in unfolding the mystery of the mind.
The only aim of the seeker of truth to unfold the mystery of the mind and realize the non dual truth.