Relaxation as a Natural State

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Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” (Gn 2, 26.27)

Since my early childhood, from the first time I’ve asked my grandmother “who” or “what” is God, I’ve never considered the above mentioned quote from the Bible as an anthropomorphous vision of God with hands, head and legs. Rather, I considered this statement as a reflection about human perfection. I still believe in this interpretation.
I don’t speak here about a biological perfection intended as the extraordinary function of the human machine – billions of cells with different functions which work harmoniously together to maintain our life. I speak here about a fundamental concept which is almost always ignored, even by those who claim to research this process: the possibility of perceiving and becoming truly aware of ourselves.
Let me emphasize the fact that, from one side, we have all the necessary equipment to achieve consciously a state of Unity with the Whole; on the other side, we have the harmful and childish tendency to complicate our life trying to do everything so that this is not realized. According to the theory of reincarnation (but it is not necessary to implicate such belief), the process of embodiment provides the formation of an “I”, who becomes the core identification of our existence, the illusion of being “separate individuals” So, the problem is defined from the beginning.
Life, with its social rule, its “education” (??!!?), the ideas acquired from those who are older and “wiser” than us, along with all the external factors we encounter during our life path, make the rest: we gradually form a personality. We begin to consider it as “what we are”, existing with us until our death, convinced to live an objective life as coherent individuals.
Freeing ourselves from the Ego’s requests requires much work, so often an extraordinary and terrifying work which is known as “self discovery”.
“Know Thyself”….this is the path one must walk at this period of human history.
It has been so for many centuries, and will be for much longer. Evolution has brought us to a point that has special features: we live in an obscure period of human history, characterized by many conflicts and spiritual ignorance.
During this period we are witnesses to an abnormal development of materialistic technology resulting in contrast, to a great spiritual regression. In this period , or using the terms of the Ancients, Era, human nobility is determined by the material wealth of a person. The poor become slaves of corruption, the possibility of emancipation from ignorance, intelligence, knowing, and wisdom are considered of less value. Although respect is much claimed, no one sincerely respects others. Everyone’s belief is that the ultimate aim of life is obtaining acceptance through power based on wealth and physical power.
Indeed, this is an evolutionary condition that humanity had to reach for evolving towards another Era. So, here we are and this is the field from where we have to start our work. Today, we live and face such conditions, and our struggle for emancipation must consider the complexity of this historical period.
As mentioned by a legion of books, posts, blog pages and teachers, we, as human beings, are composed of body, mind, and emotions (remember Gurdjieff’s impressive metaphor: carriage, coachman, horse..) and the harmonious relationship between these elements has altered. Our life is unnatural and “mentalized” and the natural harmony is lost. Here one can start with the work on himself. In fact, it is fundamental first to establish again the body’s natural rhythms. Knowing it, understanding its functions begins to rebuild its potential, and returning to it, its appropriate functions. A stressful body, conditioned by unnatural rhythms, altered diets, medicines and various chemical cocktails, is a body from whom we are almost totally separated.
So, here lies the (brief) explanation of the reason why relaxation is a “natural state”: and this means the capacity of feeling, hearing, and expressing our body freely, giving us the possibility to be able to use our tools in the best, or at least, in a better way.
So, the assumption of this text, in a few words, is: Without a natural (permanent or relatively permanent) state of relaxation, there is no Awareness.