To recapitulate: "Saints"

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[1] Saints are those who have attained the highest stage and have become one with the Lord.

[2] Saints alone are truly humble.

[3] Their teachings are:-

(i) The universe is not without a Creator, the Lord Supreme.

(ii) The soul is in essence a drop from the Ocean of the Lord, but through long separation has completely forgotten its origin. This is the cause of all its misery and pain, which will end only when the drop again merges in the Ocean.

(iii) God resides within and can be realized only in the human form.

(iv) In the body, He is only to be sought above the eyes.

(v) None can realize God without the help of a perfect Adept.

[4] Saints prescribe Surat Shabd Yoga wherein the attention, after being withdrawn from the body and concentrated at the eye center, contacts the Divine Melody.

[5] They also enjoin, 'Live in the world but be not of the world'.

[6] Everything in the phenomenal world is unreal. He alone is Real and Everlasting. Go within, connect your consciousness with Nam [Name; the same as Shabd, Word or Logos; the Immortal Creator] and be liberated from the eternal wheel.

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spritual practice

There are umpteen number of ways and means to realise the Lord seated in our heart. Hearing the divine melody which emanates from chakras is one such path. May be it is suited for some people. No doubt it is also one of the best path. Every cult and every sect in the spiritual field claims that his path is the right one (since it suits him perfectly and he found it the easy path). The founder of a particular religion/cult/sect will instruct his followers that this alone is the right path because he doesn't like his disciple go astray by practicing thousands of meditation techniques at a stretch and become a mental wreck.

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