Realizing Your Natural State in Meditation

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"In meditation,
practice watching the thoughts
without grabbing hold of them.

Become acutely aware
of the difference between
being identified with thinking
and being aware of thinking

Be aware of that process
of contraction that happens
when you get lost in your thinking.
Be aware of the stress in that.

And be aware of the freedom
from stress when you are just
watching the whole show
happen by itself,
watching the movement
of thoughts and feelings
as a movement of energy itself.

If you keep watching these two things
then you will begin to be able
to just rest in awareness,
as awareness,
completely free from being the thinker.

You will start to experience
awareness as your natural state.

You won't have to do anything,
awareness naturally is when you
let go of your involvement
with everything else.

But all of this is assuming
you have been practicing meditation

That you have built up the Shakti
inside you through listening to the CDs
and\or sitting with enlightened teachers
and have been building your awareness
through practicing a meditation technique
on a regular basis.

If you have done this,
then what I am talking about will
become quite easy for you.

But if you have not done the work,
then if you try and just allow
everything to be and watch,
it will be difficult to get beyond
thought identification.

Your attention will be too easily distracted
by so many things to realize
what is here beyond the thinking
or what is the essence of thought.

The tendency to remain
identified with thinking and emotion
is very strong.

You have to be willing to do the work;
to practice a meditation technique
until the technique is no longer needed.

And once you are established in that,
then it will be easy to realize
your natural state of awareness
and simply rest in that.

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3 important comments


Three important comments:

It is crucial to watch the thoughts not only during formal meditation but more importantly throughout the day, otherwise there is no much effect. Actually, the formal meditation is marginal in that case.

You can cultivate pure awareness without listening to CDs or sitting with enlightened (or not enlightened) bodies. This is beneficial to some minds and unnecessary to most others.

It is important to remember to watch also the evasive controlling thoughts that most overlook: the very voice that says: "now let's watch these thoughts", "I will sit now for meditation", "what is it that I see?" etc. Bring that voice to the filed of awareness and you will see the tremendous effect, otherwise this very voice will see that the control of thoughts is maintained while you believe that you have got free of the grip of the thinking process.

I would recommend to read the fantastic post:

hugo | Wed, 12/05/2012 - 07:08