Realizing the Nameless

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"Someone sent me
a beautiful email

They said they were
searching for something
that they did not feel
really had a name.

Everyone is really looking
for that same thing.
That mystery which is fulfillment.

But somewhere along the line
most get caught up in
defining it.

In calling it enlightenment
or kundalini
or stillness
or no mind.

And in naming it,
you lose what you were
looking for,
you create a 'something'
on top of what you were
seeking in the first place.

A something that is
impossible to attain
because it only exists
in your idea of it.

And then you get caught
up in ideas, in knowledge,
in spiritual quotes and inspirations.

By trying to figure it out,
you get further and further
away from what you were
seeking in the first place.

But if you can just surrender
back into not knowing,
to observing & feeling this moment
instead of interpreting,

then like a black hole
that bliss that has no name
drinks up all of the words,
all of the noise.

It eats it all up
until there is nothing left
but that which cannot be defined.

And then that bliss
is experienced
in everything.

Just by walking,
just by breathing.

Breathing alone can
be the most extraordinary
experience if there is no
mind there to interpret it.

But it takes practice,
it takes meditation

By immersing yourself
in shakti and meditation every day,
everything becomes clear.



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