Realizing That Love is The Essence of Everything

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"On the outer level,
you cannot have life
without death.
Everything lives and everything dies.

Everything that has been given to you
can and will at some point
be taken away.

But if you accept that,
and that does not mean
to be okay with it on some emotional level,
but rather to be completely surrendered
to that truth,
then you become truly alive
in this moment.

If you surrender yourself
as you are to this moment,
accepting all of your fears
and insecurities
and whatever is here,
then you begin to awaken to
what life truly is.

You begin to realize
the very nature of everything
is love, is peace, is bliss.

No matter what mood
may be projected outwardly,
this unconditional love
is permeating that mood,
it is the source of that mood.

This love is the energy from where
all experience is born
and at the same time
it is completely transcendent
of all experience.

So how you are
in this moment
is the doorway to bliss.

If you give your attention
to feeling this, allowing this,
sinking into the essence
of that which is here,
then you will live in profound peace.

It is not a one time thing,
you learn to live here
in complete surrender
in a forever state
of letting go.

And in that,
some of the more chaotic emotions
do get purified
but that is really beside the point.

Your lover may have on a nice dress
but it is not the dress you love at all.
It would not matter
if she was covered in mud.
You would love her the same.

It is like that.

No matter what the
outer appearance,
that love is always
the same underneath.

Much love,


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Beautiful post....

Beautiful post!

Love is EVERYTHING....that has to be nurtured!!!

One thing i would like to say ...That nothing Really Dies...Everything gets Transformed....!!

bonya basu | Fri, 07/20/2012 - 06:11
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thank you Bonya Basu

Thank you! Much love

blissmusic | Wed, 07/25/2012 - 03:19