Realizing Consciousness in Meditation

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"In meditation
we are simply
that everything is.

It is not the 'everything'
that is important,
it is the is-ness itself
that is the key.

The mind is always
caught up in the content.

But awareness
only experiences the essence.

Whether there is anger
or a thought
of a chocolate brownie
or a heavy rain outside.

All of these things
are of the same energy.

They exist out of
life itself,
the one energy
that is animating everything.

And even in saying this
the mind is agreeing
or disagreeing.

The mind is relating
to the words as content.

It is trying to comprehend
something that
cannot really be put in words
in the first place.

All the words can really do
is point
and it is up to
you whether you give
your attention
to where the words are

or you get caught up
in the content
of the words.

And if you give
your attention
to where the words are pointing,
then you move beyond words;
you move beyond content
and rest in that
which cannot really be described.

So there is this shift that
needs to happen,
to move beyond trying
to experience things with the
intellect or emotion
to experiencing what is here
beyond intellect and emotion.

To realizing
the is-ness
of everything.

It is not that thinking
has to stop,
it is that you stop
being transfixed
by the content
of the thinking
and realize
that which is always
animating the content,

that which is
making the content
possible in the first place.

The conscious
ever flowing energy
that is bliss itself.



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