Realize You Are Consciousness

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"Suffering arises
because you identify with
the thoughts and feelings that arise.

Thinking is happening,
you grab hold of the thoughts,
you attach yourself to the thoughts
and it becomes a personal experience
and separation and conflict are born.

The thoughts are about you,
they define you
and then from that identification with thinking,
you seek freedom from it.

But now look:
who is this 'you'
that identifies with thinking?

Really look in this moment.

If you looked, you will see
there is nobody there,
there is just consciousness
aware that there is no person there.

So we can now say
it is consciousness
which attaches itself to thought.

Thoughts arise out of consciousness
and consciousness contracts itself
into identifying with thinking
and 'poof' you are a person.

So from this,
we can say the practice to attain freedom
would simply be to remain free;
to remain in the experience
that you are consciousness.

To realize that you are not a person
that needs to find a way
to be free from the mind,
but rather first and foremost,
you are consciousness itself.

And the way to do this is to
keep looking back upon
yourself and seeing that you are

And I am using 'consciousness '
as a word to point to what you are,
not so the mind simply defines itself
as consciousness.

Because if you were wearing a red shirt,
it is not truthful to just believe
you are wearing a red shirt.
Nor is it accurate to remember
that you looked this morning
and indeed you were wearing a red shirt.

You simply need to look
at your shirt in this moment.

In the same way,
you need to keep your attention
on consciousness itself,
keep either turning your attention
back upon itself
or simply surrender everything
and let your attention fall back
into its natural state of consciousness.

Much love,


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YOU are not a person YOU are

YOU are not a person YOU are conciousness.Can I consider that both awareness and conciousness are one and the same?

mbnarayana | Wed, 02/27/2013 - 09:06
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Thanks for writing it in

Thanks for writing it in such a wonderful and expressive way. I will try to do this.

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LatiecaLoren | Fri, 03/08/2013 - 13:08