Realize the true self right here and right now

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Serious seekers of truth must go through all FORMLESS SPIRITUALITY blogs in GURU'S FEET COM, by dropping all accumulated preconceived ideas and focusing on F.S teachings then they will able to grasp it in lesser time and effort.

Seekers of truth should not compare F.S teachings with other teachings and waste their time and energy. Plunge in to it as a fresh and discover and realize, what is truth and what is not truth. Right here that is, in this very life, right now that is not in next birth or next world.

F.S provides that yardstick to know what is truth and what is untruth. when the seeking mind rejects the untruth the truth will prevail as ultimate and non dual.

No religion is needed, no scriptures are needed, no god or guru glorification is needed, no yogic practice is needed to know the true self. The self itself is guru. One has to focus full attention on the self as guru to get the grace of the true self that is Ataman.

Seeker of truth never condemn any religion, guru or god or yogic practice they are valuable in worldly life for the people who think experience of duality as reality. They must given all the respect to them but they must only realize the fact that they are not the means for acquiring self knowledge.

One has to prove to himself what is truth and what is not truth, rather proving it for others. If seeker gets the firm conviction what is self and what is not self, then in no time, he will be able to grasp the non dual truth.

Thus receptive mind is very much necessary to receive the self knowledge. To have the receptive mind one has to burn all the accumulated dross.