Realize that The Essence of Everything is Peace

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"It is very beneficial to understand
that the essence of everything
is peace;

that the essential nature
of everything is nondual conscious bliss.

In the physical/mental/emotional experience
everything has an opposite:
positive and negative,
happiness and unhappiness,
love and hate.
And life is always swinging
from one to the other.

But underneath that
is a peace that has no opposite to it,
love that has no opposite to it.
Because there is no 'other' there.
There is only peace,
there is only love,
there is only consciousness.

Everything is made up of this,
everything is created out of this.

There is nothing that is not consciousness.

But in order to become an individual person,
there has to be an apparent separation from this.

There is a contraction that happens
from being consciousness
to contracting into being a person
separate from everything else.

To be a person,
you have to enter the dual world.
You must experience your body
as something separate from everything else.
You become a person
with likes and dislikes,
desires and fears
who experiences both happiness
and unhappiness.

And the more you become involved
with these likes and dislikes,
these desires and fears,
the greater the stress,
the more separate you feel
from your essence of peace.

So by allowing your experience
in this moment to be as it is.
By being aware in this moment,
allowing the happiness
and unhappiness,
allowing the desires and fears
without involvement with them,
you begin to rest back into
your true nature of peace.

Your sense of "me" begins
to dissolve back into
the singular consciousness
that is everything.

You begin to experience
the same blissful energy
that is the essence
of all experience.

You learn that resistance
separates you from this bliss;
trying to add some idea
about how life should be on top of what is
separates you from this bliss.

So life becomes more simple.
Life becomes more natural and in tune
with this essential flow of energy.

Even an intellectual understanding
that the essence of everything is peace
can begin to break up
your perception of separation.

You begin to stop fighting this moment
out of the need to survive
and begin to relax into this moment
and allow peace to shine through.

Much love,


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