Realization … Hoop-jumping

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From the day One is born
it must learn to jump through one hoop after another
just to prevent “war.”

the day One refuse to jump through hoops
is the day the war starts as the whole world explodes with fury and anger
that forces One to jump through hoops

and if this “war” of anger and fury
does not make One jump through hoops
then the war goes Epic
as an Inquisition appears out of nowhere
to torture, brainwash, burn or drug, Electroshock, lobotomize
and otherwise institutionalize One for being insane
… for NOT jumping through hoops.

There is no peace Inside
as long as One must keep jumping through hoops outside
to prevent this war of anger and fury.

The Epic Battle of Realization has nothing to do with the Inside,
it is the war outside that goes to any extreme
to destroy the PEACE Inside
that can ONLY come
with the refusal to jump through hoops
just to prevent this Epic Battle outside.

– O'no