Realization, Awareness and Enlightenment

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These three terms for an "awakening" ; Awareness, Enlightenment, and Realization are all used to describe the indescribable "state" of "uncovery" we often describe "ourselves" as "seeking". Of these. I have come to accept "Realization" as the most apt.

Awareness and Enlightenment both seem to involve a "future" happening; "I am not aware now, but seek awareness", or "I am un-enlightened, and will become enlightened." While, Realization simply means that I observe the unreal as real and the real as unreal;. a simple slip of the mind!

What is the meaning of "Realization" anyway? It is to "arrive" at the understanding that there is "substance", meaning, particularly without mental understanding. We are talking of an acceptance of living for the unseen, inexpressible, but clearly understood, impossible to explain to both others and yourself, but clearly written in the heart with a conviction that is both peaceful and absolute.

To "Realize" yourself as Love, not an intellectual understanding, but to make it "Real", is that which you "seek". It is not a "future" event; it is now. All you need is absolute conviction. You are not moving mountains here, just turning your view. See yourself, not as the seen; body/mind, story, past, future, but as the unseen; Loving, experiencing, living for the "Real". Absolute conviction; the "secret ingredient". Absolute conviction makes the "real" that already is, "Real" as experience; in experience. Live the Love, and it is true. Extend your hand in trust, and your actions become "Real" actions. Don't dismiss the "seen", as it is a "reflection" of the unseen. Don't fall into the trap of separation of the "seen" from the "unseen". Just observe them as they are. They are all part of the functioning of the whole.

If you want "Realization", reach out with Absolute conviction, absolute courage. It is with you always, embrace it.
You are Love, make it "Real"!