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wisdom works exactly like food:

realization is not a process of digestion
it is a process of defecation.

The most potent form of realization
comes with such a violent and explosive defecation
that it makes digestion utterly meaningless.

we have all been brainwashed to think
that there is some sort of wisdom out there
that makes life meaningful
.. which is like saying
that there is some sort of gourmet food out there
that will somehow avoid digestion
and thus not end up as sh'it.

-- really Really REALLY.
-- O'no

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Wisdom is not form - this is the reason for not coming out

Most of this is extremely wise. Yet, one fallacy - nihilism including the argument that there is no wisdom is not more valid than the argument that the wisdom is out there. There is no issue of brainwashing. There is wisdom, not realizing its existing is merely being blind, it is just that it is not out there or in here - it is governing everything and is beyond form - and as such its congestion will not produce any feces, if to follow your analogy, because its very existence is not constrained within the domain of form only.

kamil | Wed, 11/18/2009 - 09:15
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"There is wisdom, not realizing its existing is merely being blind,... "
YES and YES -- BLIND to the unfathomable IGNORANCE that WISDOM MUST hide to appear wise.

WISDOM only appears "formless" -- it takes on apparent value that makes one appear above/better/wiser than another – it creates the appearance of DUALITY when there is none.

Wisdom has LOTS of ignorance to hide to appear wise.. the better it hides the IGNORANCE (sh'it) it needs to appear wise .. the better it can appear wise ...

when ONE "digests" wisdom -- it MUST reveal all the ignorance (sh'it) it needs hidden to appear wise... EXACTLY like the Universe needs to hide the 99% Hidden Universe so the <1% Visible Universe can APPEAR real.

genep | Wed, 11/18/2009 - 15:36