In a reality in which nothing is certain, no wonder we resort to imitation

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In a reality in which nothing is certain...

in which everything is mediated by the senses and mind's logic...

in which truth can only be a subjective speculation...

In such a reality, no wonder we resort to imitation.

We imitate what the majority does, especially when it is concerned with survival.

Recognizing this habit is key to spiritual advancement. Recognizing this habit is key to changing this habit, or, more specifically, to the activation of awareness each time we are about to imitate.

By such real-time awareness, we can decide in real-time, if we want to follow a certain course that everyone around is following or not.

In order to accomplish that, we must, first, admit that indeed nothing is certain, that everything is mediated by the senses and mind's logic, that truth, currently, is only a subjective speculation.

This requires an enormous amount of humility, a complete surrender to the unknown.

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I suppose we start by imitating our parents. Later we may seek a guru to imitate.

As we go along in life, we see or hear about people who make a strong impression on us, henceforth they can be role models that we imitate.

I rather doubt if the majority of people reading your blog would imitate the majority! But if by "we" you mean the majority of all people, then I think you are right.

gurthbruins | Thu, 11/10/2011 - 07:35
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All of us in an unconscious way

You will be surprised how many, both spiritual and non spiritual, do imitate the majority around them, mainly in an unconscious way. This habit is the building block of our conditioning, a building block of the robotness that governs every little action and decision in our life.

kulchnaui | Sun, 02/19/2012 - 14:30