Reality of social networking sites.

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I write this article before two months after studding social networking sites other than this site but i want to share it with people of this site as there are many are not member of such sites but they can aware there kids regarding the real facts of such sites.
Now a day by day computer with internet connection
become handy to massive numbers of people in our society like a home , office in industries ,administrative firms. Even internet connections is also become handy through mobile phone college students and school student use it while moving out for tuition. Due to this new trend of electronic friendship is open in this changing scenario of our society.
Before making such friends there are lots of question which are require deep thinking by all of us young ,old and middle age people and all the parents require special attention for guiding to their children .

What is true meaning of such friendship where people are not ready to give correct information like name, gender , photo , age, place of living .
There is no check points made by site owner on these information given by user .
People just giving request for friendship for nos of reasons.
By seeing beautiful faces , By seeing someone have lots of friends than I should also increase my friend list.
Someone just for fun, flirt or to give air to their hidden desire of love for opposite sex friends which we find trapped in most of human being.
Some one for trapping innocent people for emotional black mail.
Some for business, someone for become famous by increasing friends list ,or improve their pop up rank , or to make their group any other reasons.
Its used as tools for time pass in office, colleges, home and kill loneliness and keep self busy in activity .
Accepter accepting by not hurting opposites feeling or by sense of proud that there is something in him/her that’s why other give me a request.
People having more than 200 friends on list but how many contact to each others .
How many dare to open such site or share true information of such friends to their wife, children’s parents and other family members ?
What will be the answer to Childs innocent question to father if child see the female in friend list and when child ask papa apki girlfriend bhi he ?
How many able to think for such friends name in their mind at time of urgency ?
How we can suggest our child to not use such site if we using in front of them ?
How many on such site with clear aim ?
How many on such site are really friends of each other from past?
How many are trust and love each others?
How many dare to give contact no and to contacts each other on phone ?
Also Some of the cases to on such site.

One female of age between 26 to 30 put a blog on site with ,one male of double age start to make bridge of rich appreciation to here even after very common quality blog, what its mean?.
If its for Encouraging there than same should be happen for same category of any blog posted by any male blogger .
Most of male participants on such site are ready to jump in any female participants and start to make appreciation to her on any subject , irrespective of her age .
One day I shocked by seeing A girl of age 15 yrs studying in class 11 whom I know very well have more than 341 friends most of are male
What will be her carrier for feature . she passing most of her time on such site.

Many mature age blogger passing maximum of their time on such site they are just waiting for any new blog post to be appear and start writing commenting.
Instead of doing a real humanity or social works They are diverting themselves to do in electronic way. which keep them most of time on such site by not doing any physical works and become addiction of such site , which lead many health ,family, social problems .
They feel they are doing social , humanity work by guiding all age people.
Some of them are using this medium very nicely and effectively by exchanging very intellectual blogs ,ideas ,thoughts and they got very nice ,fast , totally free ,large platform for humble works.
So people from all age group are require to rethink before making friends on such sites and keep themselves safe.

Some of interesting conclusion for this blog are.
Keep check before making connection with new people
In most of people their soul is overrule by mind.
Don’t sink yourself too much in any thing.