The Reality of Love

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The Reality of Love©

It is a shame, others delusions, shadows of doubt

False impressions, allegations, illusions, hear the spirit shout

Isolation, desolation, severance of thoughts, so much to lose

Crimson drops, from mortal wounds of heart and soul ooze

Did you ever think that the truth lies in a greater knowledge?

In things you do not wish to acknowledge

But conceal in the depths of the heart and soul

In others we see fixations, traits, qualities we try to avoid

Hidden, buried within the cervices of the void

For in truth, in Oneness there is always compassion

Understanding, truth, completion and a mirrored expansion

In Cosmic Unity, we are all interconnected

Unconditional love, the elixir to all is directed

Hearts opened, souls flowing and soaring

Ego has been erased, no need for scoring

This is in reality what Love is, so magnificently Pure and True

Flowing to all, without distinction or discrimination of me or you

by Niki

Copyright © 2008-2009. All rights reserved.


love to reality

Good efforts is done but confirmation of specific thought line is missing which may speak about the thinking prospectus of the poet.praiseworthy of this written piece is the set of those lines which are stated as unitary aspects of oneness the philosophy.

following are submitted to you,
light and knowledge for the love of humanity.

NIDHI PARKASH | Thu, 08/20/2009 - 16:34
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...pure magnificent love stems from the Ego less mind, for all with out discrimination or distinction.

From illusions, your poem leads the reader and enlightens him/her about this universal truth.

May God direct our energies to truth and well being of others.

Wonderful to read someone with constructive thoughts.

Jai K Garg | Fri, 08/21/2009 - 13:04
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Love within...

Once there was a mountain deer...everyday it used to graze around high hills and mountains and eat of the saffron fields and pick flowers of the best fragrance for its meals. As it grew in size and became more aware of itself and its feelings, the deer found a fragrance surrounding it every time it ventured into the fields. Gradually, this fragrance overtook the deer's senses and followed it everywhere it went; and, the deer now started tracking it so that the source of this intoxicating and spell-bounding fragrance could be found. The deer spent endless months into his youth running after this sensuous smell. The deer searched for the fragrance in the bushes, in lakes, in the trees, in the fields, in different animals, in fellow species, but to its disappointment. Finally, one day, the deer got exhausted and decided not to pursue this fragrance any further.

Now, as the deer dropped to the ground exhausted, it turned its head towards its belly curling itself to fetch a rejuvenating sleep. Instantly, the deer got up startled! Why??? Once again, the deer lowered its head towards its own belly and started sniffing, and to its surprise, it found the source of the fragrance! It was its own 'musk' under its belly that was giving out this fragrance all along. The deer was ecstatic, and started jumping and hopping all around with renewed energy and happiness.

The deer realized that what it was seeking in others, externally and trying to fill the incompleteness of its existence, was nowhere but within its own Self....hahahahaa...

This is love. Love is within us. We seek it externally and in material things. We share love to experience love; we love others to be loved back. Love is neither male nor female, then, how can we seek its completion in gender form? Love is Soul and Soul is Love, and the source of everything is God. We smell and sense the love of God in us, and interpret it into human emotions and feelings and convert the same into physical expressions.

God says that "I was a hidden treasure and I willed that I be discovered, so I created the Universe and Creatures with LOVE."

The element of love is what God used to create us all, and love is what brings us closer to each other and ultimately to the source of Love, GOD Himself.


Azeemi | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 20:39