The reality of Atma Yoga

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The reality of Atma Yoga

The Advaitin preaches Atma Yoga to get rid of both happiness and misery. It is no profit and no loss business, which no fool does. Such Atma Yoga denies the existence of God other than self and this greatest sin generates the continuous punishment to be enjoyed by the soul. When the punishment is to be implemented, you cannot escape it by limiting yourself to a state of non-involvement. The powerful divine Maya will catch you and drag you out for giving the punishment. If the thief hides in underground without any involvement in the world, the police will search for him, catch him and impart the punishment on him. The final result of Atma Yoga is to become an inert stone but one cannot become even that stone if there is balance of sin and the sin is endless in this case.

Hence, there is no chance of becoming even a stone through Atma Yoga. However, if you are so fond becoming a stone, you have to worship the Lord who is the controller of yourself. Then, no sin is generated.

When the previous balance of sin is exhausted by punishments, you can become the stone by the grace of God. Such state represents the deep sleep where the soul has no awareness and remains as a lump of inert energy only with eternal peace. If such state is the highest, God also should have remained in that state without this creation. Perhaps, you are wiser than God for having such a better state, which is not realized even by God.

In your opinion God has foolishly created this world to have full enjoyment through full entertainment based on full involvement in the world. When you have become a liberated soul though selfless service to God in human form, you will attain the same state of God of full entertainment in the world based on the full involvement.

In such state you will enjoy both happiness and misery like sweet and hot dishes in a meal or like comedy and tragedy in cinema or like winter and summer seasons in the world. You may think that you have known this clue and start enjoying the world like God, forgetting the God once again. You may think that God is no more necessary since the clue of enjoyment is known.

Now you will become the Bhasmasura who tried to burn Lord Shiva after getting such power from Lord Shiva Himself. Such ungratefulness to God again generates the sin and to undergo the punishment of that sin Maya will drag you to the lower level of normal human beings. As long as you are in the selfless service of God, you will be always with God in human form in this world to derive bliss from the entertainment continuously. If you become far from God by egoism and jealousy by crossing the mark of circle of His closest devotees, the thousands of hands of Maya will bite you like black poisonous serpents.

To become a liberated soul, one need not exhaust the results of all his deeds to be enjoyed by him. There is no need of transfer of sin to God in this case. Such transfer of sin only protects the closest devotee before liberation. In the case of the liberated soul, the existing balance of sin can be enjoyed by himself through the divine clue. If the devotee gets this clue from God and maintains His grace through the selfless service, one can be liberated in any moment in this very human life.

You need not doubt about the balance of the results of his previous deeds. The doubt has no validity because the moment you become a liberated soul, you are going to enjoy the balance of the results of your deeds also as a part of the world to be enjoyed like that in the future. Any way he is going to enjoy both sweet and hot dishes in a hotel outside his house. He can enjoy the sweet and hot dishes left over in his house also in a similar way. Therefore, the Jeevan Mukti (liberation while alive in this human life) is possible for any one at any time. It is just like seeing a part of the cinema in your T.V. (the magnitude of the screen is same) in your house and see the next part of cinema in a theatre outside your house immediately. The story of the cinema is a continuous stream only.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
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