Reality's Rule

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REALITY'S RULE: The Covert makes the Overt APPEAR real.
In Science: The Covert or Hidden, Missing, Universe makes the Overt or Visible Universe appear real.

Realization is all about Reality trying to find it-Self.
Derealization: What MUST be hidden for something to APPEAR real?

There is no duality in “reality”: there are only thoughts.
Thoughts are all the same – they only appear different.
Two types of thoughts create the appearance of Reality. NOT good thoughts and bad thoughts but:
Overt thoughts and Covert thoughts:
Covert thoughts make the good thoughts appear real just as much as they make the bad thoughts appear real.

the more Covert thoughts “stay” hidden (secret, missing)
the more they MUST make the Overt thoughts appear more and more real.

This Covert to overt ratio is not subtle: there must be a massive amount of Covert thoughts to make a few Overt thoughts appear real.
So in reality, Universe: science tells us that the bulk (>99%) of the Universe is “missing,” hidden, Covert, to make the insignificantly small <1% Overt Universe APPEAR real.
Science cannot access this massive Hidden Universe because Science's seeking focuses on the insignificantly small Overt Universe.

as with the Universe so too with the Mind:

If seeking focuses on the Overt
then the Covert will have no choice
but make the Overt appear more and more real.

If the Seeking focuses on the Covert:
then the Covert will have no choice
but REVEAL how it makes the Overt appear real.

When the Covert reveals that it has no-choice but make the Overt APPEAR real... there is nothing left to seek.

- O'no