Reality's Duality, Maya,

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Reality is maya, a deception... thoughts, fiction, a dream.
Reality is all about thoughts that appear out of NOW
only to vanish back into it, NOW.

NOW is the only thing that is real:
the ONE that thoughts make NONE: NOW.

Thoughts are deceptions: they are all the same
but they appear to be different: this APPEARANCE of being different
– when they are all the same – defines the word DECEPTION.

The more thoughts appear different the more they appear to create dualities
that one thought needs to be not only different from another
but indeed: opposite, to another.

For fiction to appear real there must be two types of thoughts: the overt and the covert thoughts.

The covert thoughts, words, make the overt thoughts appear real.
In the fiction called reality
the covert or hidden universe makes the overt universe appear real.

Perhaps the best deception in reality is fame and fortune,
at the other end: the worst deception is “spirituality.”

Spirituality is all about some sort of overt heaven
that a covert living-hell makes appear real.
Indeed: the deeper and darker this covert living-hell
the more it must make its Heaven
appear to glow like the sun.

– Really Really REALLY.