The Real Science behind the Hindu Maya, Lila.

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The Real Science behind the Hindu Maya, Lila.
matter and its universe
The more scientists seek the limits of the Universe
the more they discover that it keeps expanding faster and faster... without realizing that the seeking is what makes the universe appear to expand faster and faster.

On the other end:
The more Scientists look at the inside of the visible Universe
the more it is shrinking in size.
The more methods and means scientists find to measure the Universe
the more they realize that more and more of it is hidden or missing
in the likes of Dark Matter, Black Holes and Antimatter.

So that of this 100% universe that is expanding faster and faster
less that 1% is visible to science
and this “<1%” number is shrinking as the Universe is expanding
until science figures out that this <1% is so much less than 1%
that it must be Nothing, but illusion, fiction, Maya
that needs the > 99% Universe that is hidden to appear real.

Time's Matter.
Time is a deception – that matter needs to appear real.
On the surface Physics' Relativity appears very complicated even though it has only ONE very-simple message: Light makes everything stationary. The atomic-bomb leaves no doubt about this very-simple message: Light makes everything stand-still.
Light makes everything stand still because when Light travels it does so without Time; without time Light cannot travel so traveling, space and time must be illusion.

Time also gives the observer the appearance that it is continuously going through Now. Time appears to come out of the past through Now and then into the future. This perception of Time going through the Now is pure deception... mostly because there is no past to come out of, and there is no future to go into.
The illusion of time: thoughts RANDOMLY come out of the Now and then vanish back into it... thoughts like time, past and future.

This concept of “randomly” coming out of Now and back into Now is best told by Physics. (Physics has an Uncertainty Principle that explains the word “randomness” of not only particles but also thoughts.)

In Quantum Physics, for any change to appear particles have to go from one quantum level to another. To do this particles appear to go through a quantum-gap ... but this is impossible. It is just as impossible as it would be for time to go through Now – time can only appear out of Now and then vanish into Now ... but it cannot ever go through Now. Literally everything imaginable appears to happen in Now – there is no going through Now.
So too with particles and the quantum-gap: Particles come out of the Gap and vanish in the Gap because they can never go through the Gap – the Gap is the Unified Field in which everything appears to happen, Now.
Also, for a particle to go through a Quantum-gap it needs three-dimensional space: but like Time space is also illusion, Maya, so particles cannot go through a space that cannot exist.
So what about the concept of change?
Change is illusion, fiction, like time. When a particle changes by going from one quantum-level to another .. it does not go through the quantum-gap. What it does is vanish into the quantum-gap and another particle comes out of the Gap at “another level”: that the particle that vanished into the quantum-gap at one level is the same as the one that comes out at “another” quantum-level is pure assumption, illusion.
That there is another-level of the quantum-gap is also the same illusion.

The quantum-gap thus behaves exactly the same as Now, Unified Field.
For the Now to be different from the Unified Field, Quantum Gap ... it would have to mean that Advaita and the concept of Self, Samadhi, Kundalini must be meaningless.

For anyone stoned on Self, Kundalini, it is very obvious that when Kundalini is really alive – it makes the Universe utterly meaningless, what Physics and Cosmology tell us it is, Fiction, thoughts that randomly come out of Self and then Vanish back into Self, Now.
Kundalini more or less removes the Deception of cause-and-effect, karma, that makes the Universe appear real. When Kundalini removes the Deception completely we call it Samadhi, Self, Atman... Now.

This randomness that thoughts have coming out of Now can be easily observed during meditation by any dimwit. That some thoughts are random while others are connected somehow has to be pure illusion. Hindus figured this out over 5000 years ago to discover everything that Modern Physics gives us 5000 years later.
The exact same Randomness of thoughts also apply to particles, Uncertainty Principle, and ALSO applies to SELF, Kundalini.
Self, Kundalini, manifests it-Self to thoughts with the exact same randomness of thoughts: Self, Samadhi thus cannot be controlled by thoughts, thinking – because Self, Samadhi is what gives thoughts the illusion that they are thinking... controlling, doing.

-- O'no