Real Living

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As a Householder I follow an approach that in traditional terms could be called realist as against idealist, though I call it pragmatic. In Vedanta utmost importance is given to discrimination between the eternal and the ephemeral (atma anaatma viveka) discern the difference between the real and the unreal (sat and asat), the permanent and the temporary (nitya and anitya). Whereas, I follow a threefold discriminating process viz False, Real and True.

As was said in the previous post there is no relation between Truth (non-dual) and False (duality), hence we do not start with Truth but with duality as observed in daily life which is nothing but psychological time and space. (Refer previous post) This duality comes about when mind moves away from the fact of 'What Is' to What Should Be'. We can see that the basis of duality is a fact which we have called 'What Is'.

Let us take an example to illustrate the point. To simplify let us begin with me having to do a task. Now so long as I do not move away (psychologically) from the challenge that task has thrown at me the duality does not come into play. The moment I think of how it should or could have been otherwise I have brought in duality. To keep it simple procrastination is duality whereas dealing with the task is not.

Ending of duality is our entry into 'Real Living' and exploration can only be made into something that is ‘Real ‘and not that which is False.