The real identity mark of Satguru (Lord in Human form)

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The right spiritual knowledge alone is the real beauty and the real identity mark of Satguru (Lord in Human form)

The beauty of a prostitute glitters by applied color, clothes and jewels etc., (makeup). Such artificial beauty is miracles, stress relief methods, boons to solve worldly problems etc. The real beauty can be seen when the makeup is absent and the real beauty is guiding you in the right path through spiritual knowledge to save you from the hell. Veda says that the right spiritual knowledge alone is the real beauty and the real identity mark of Satguru (Prajnanam Brahma, Satyam Jnanam….). Scholarly devotees identified Krishna through Gita, Jesus through Bible, Mohammad through Q’ran, Buddha through preachings etc. The ignorant emotional devotee selects a pseudo Satguru and falls in the pit of eternal hell.

After selection of Satguru, you should become ignorant emotional devotee. While selecting your wife, you should be analytical using intelligence. After the right selection, you should be ignorant emotional lover without any analysis. You should not reverse this. One selects the wife through ignorant emotion and then starts analyzing her! But the doubt is about the procedure to be adopted after realizing a wrong wife (or husband). If it is the case of selection of Satguru, reject him immediately and select the Satguru again. This is not sin. People misunderstand that a selected Guru should never be left at any cost. This is wrong because, the selected Guru in the school is leftover and a new better Guru is selected in the college.

“You should not leave Guru” applies only to Satguru. Suppose you have the Professor as Guru, you need not leave him in the school, college and university. If you go back to the simile, what should be done in the case of a wife or husband wrongly selected by emotion? You should stick to her or him by adjusting yourself. But this is valid only in worldly affairs (Pravrutti). If she or he opposes you in spiritual path and does not change in spite of your repeated efforts, you should leave her or him. Ramanuja left his wife for the sake of Nivrutti. Similarly, Meera left her husband on the advice of Tulasidas for Nivrutti. Of course, even in Pravrutti, if she or he is creating a constant hell here itself, you can leave him or her in the extreme case and this is justified because such a hell here is disturbing you from Nivrutti indirectly.