Real Happiness Lies Within

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Why do you search, in vain, for your happiness, O worldly fools, outside, in objects, money, women, titles, honors, name and fame, which are false, worthless and like cow-dung? You cannot get your happiness there. You are entirely deluded. Search within the heart, subjectively in the Atman, the source and fountain of all happiness.
Real happiness is within you. It is in the Atman. It is subjective. It is in the Sattva Guna and beyond Sattva. It manifests when the mind is concentrated. When the Indriyas are withdrawn from the objects outside, when the mind is one-pointed (Ekagra), when there is Vasana-Kshaya (annihilation of the Vasanas) and Manonasa (annihilation of the mind), when you become desireless and thoughtless, Atmic bliss begins to dawn; spiritual.

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searching happiness within

There is no need to run away from home. Lead the life like Lord Rama. Read Adyathmic Ramayana again and again. Copy the qualities of Lord Ram and Mother Sita and Great Guru Hanumanji. Hate no religion even if they hate us. Hate nobody. Forgive and forget the misdeeds of others. But be away from them. Read the teachings of Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha. Pray God to bless us with true Guru. Once we get the genuine Guru, follow his teachings fully. Start the spiritual life at our sweet home itself.

nrajan57 | Fri, 09/03/2010 - 10:41
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Very good Sir,

Very good Sir,
Great laugh on ur word "Cow Dung".

jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 09/03/2010 - 11:18