The Real Goal of Devotion and Going to the Saints

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The human form is the king of all species. Only some fortunate ones get it. It is the time to meet the Lord. In it, we should follow that path in it by which we may get the Lord. We have been separated from the Lord since ages. We have kept ourselves indulged in devotion since inception but the cycle of birth and death has not ceased yet. Sometimes we have gone to good species and sometimes bad ones. Sometimes we met with the suffering of the hells while other times we enjoyed the pleasures of heavens. Reason being that we have not got the right path. There is only one way to meet the Lord which is made by the Lord - Sat Purush Himself. Guru Nanak Sahib says that the whole of the World came into being with the Hukam of the Lord. Because of this Hukam only many powers e.g. Kal came into existence who have imprisoned all the beings and have made them ignorant of this Hukam or Shabd. The recognition of this Hukam or Shabd and to have connection with it is the true devotion that liberates all the beings from all the meshes and bindings. This Hukam or Shabd is beyond saying and hearing.

According to His Law; He manifests.
The Law cannot be described.
According to Law, the living beings appear.
According to Law, they grow.
According to Law, they are high or low.
According to Law, they get pleasure or pain.
According to Law, one gets salvation.
According to Law another always wanders.
All are subject to Law.
None can transgress it.
He who understands the Law,
O Nanak, is no more guilty of egotism. (1/6 Japu Ji Sahib)

Hukam manifests itself through some sound or Shabd. The wave of that sound or Shabd is called Nam. Thus to have connection with this Hukam, Sound or Shabd is the true devotion, which helps to get rid of the meshes and bindings of births and deaths. This is the straight road that leads to the Lord's court. This Hukam ,Shabd or Nam does not belong to a particular caste, creed, religion or country. It also does not pertain to some outer language. It is rather the speech of the true Lord Himself. It is reverberating in all the beings. Hazrat Christ has called it “Word.” The Muslim ascetics have called it Kalma, Kalam-e-Ilahi, Baang or Bang-e-Asmani or Nida. The means to hear it is within the being itself.

That is why the Saints advise us to have connection with Shabd or Nam, rather teach us the way to contact it. They say practise, go within and reach Satlok. Mere talking will not help. It is a practical course. Do it today only. Do not wait till tomorrow. Those beings can never indulge in devotion who have the habit of putting of till tomorrow what they can do today. Value time. Time is fleeting. Death is chasing us like the torrent of water. If we fail this time too, we will have entangle ourselves in the maze of Chaurasi.

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To be Absorbed in Devotion of True Nam is the Grace of Sadguru,

Indulging in the devotion of the True Shabd or Nam depends upon the grace of the Satguru, Sat Purush. It is only when the Hukam from the Lord's Court comes that one indulges oneself in this true devotion.

Those in the primal Time by Thee blessed,
To the Lord's Name are devoted,
Sayeth Nanak : Joy resides in the self,
Wherein resounds the mystic music. (917/13 M.3)

Satguru bestows this gift through His saints who are His agents or managers in this world. Such saints come to enrol those beings who are pining to return to their country-Satlok and they sow the seed of Nam in their land of heart at the time of initiation. This work is not possible without the Perfect Saints.

The wealth you were born for,
The Lord's Nam , is with the saints. (283/3 M.5)

Paltu Sahib too says the same thing :
The Name of the Lord is embedded in the Saints,
And the Saints are imbused with His Name.
The Saints are imbused with His Name,
And they alone can bestow the gift of Nam.
Adepts in the practice of Nam,
They impart the method of union with Him.
Austerities and penances, fasts and pilgrimages,
One may endlessly resort to
Without the means of the Saint,
One never can find access to His Name.
Try as one may, millions of devices,
And wander ceaselessly,
The chamber of Nam will not be accessible,
Till one comes to the door of the saint
Nam lies, O Paltu, beyond the reach of the Pranas (Breath).
It is at the beginning. It is at the end.
The Name of the Lord is embedded in the saints,
And the saints are imbued with His Name. (Paltu Sahib)

Such Saints can be met with the Lord's grace. No body has the power that he may judge or recognize such Saints with his own mind and intellect and could take their refuge. When the Perfect Saint sows the seed of Nam in the land of the heart of a being then there is no power which can destroy that seed. On one day or the other it will grow and flourish though it may take its own time.

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