The real Black Hole: Samadhi

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Physics and its Cosmos give us the exact same story about Black Holes that Spirituality gives us.

In the Universe, Galaxies appear to have “Black Hole(s).”
A Black Hole is just an extreme force of gravity that makes matter vanish.
As “Matter,” like Stars and their Planets,
get close to a “Black Hole” in the Universe
its extremes of gravity grossly DISTORT or stretches Matter
-- like it was an elastic band --
into the Black-hole until Matter becomes so distorted/thin that it vanishes into the Black Hole.

The Hindus of old figured out the pure “nonduality” spirituality or Advaita that also gives us a Blackhole.

In/with Spirituality matter is not real: matter only appears real.
If matter is unreal then it cannot have a “Black Hole”: thoughts do.

the Hindus of old called the Blackhole that vanishes thoughts: Samadhi.

“Before” thoughts metaphorically vanish into Samadhi they can get DISTORTED
(Actually, thoughts cannot do anything.... so
when Samadhi “influences” thoughts it DISTORTS thoughts )
-- exactly like matter is distorted by the “gravity” of the Black Hole --
this DISTORTION of thoughts the Hindus did not call gravity
but Kundalini/Shakti.
to these Hindus the Blackhole for thoughts was Samadhi
and Samadhi's distortion of thoughts is Kundalini, Shakti.
in Spirituality matter and its Black Hole are both unreal
because both only appear real.
In Spirituality thoughts are also unreal
to make the Blackhole of thoughts
the only thing that can be real: Self, Samadhi.

in the Cosmos black-holes appear in the distant outside,
in Spirituality the Blackhole is the VERY-REAL “inside”
-- Samadhi, Self, (Physics' Time=O, Now) --
that makes the outside, body and universe, appear real –
exactly like a Movie-screen makes a movie appear real.

-- O'no