Real and Unreal Gurus

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The word “guru” comes from a Language called Monism, alias Advaita.

In Advaita the real “guru” is an "inner" derealizing Shakti/Kundalini/Samadhi that can manifest it-SELF as an "outside" hallucination -- "the outer guru" that appears as real as anything else.

The Concept of “guru” goes back over 5000 years to the Indus River in India
where a group of Sages gave the world a Language
– called Monism alias Advaita –
that penetrated dualities
like a bullet penetrates air.

Five thousand years later Modern Physics with its Quantum Mechanics and Relativity comes along to give us this same Monism (alias Unified Field) language
that penetrates dualities
like a bullet penetrates air.

If five-thousand years ago a group of individuals
could learn a Language that penetrated dualities like a bullet penetrates air
to find themselves far beyond the dualities gods need to appear real
.. and they did this without today's Modern Physics ...

then Modern Physics should make it relatively easy
for a few individuals to do the same today,
and ALSO find themselves far beyond all the dualities
that god needs to appear real.

– really, Really; REALLY.

ADVAITA is just a language
that penetrates through dualities
like a hot knife melts butter:

it comes from
an ineffable freedom
in which all dualities
vanish into their black-hole.
– O'no

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Language can be changed for the peoples,But
People can never be changed for the Language.

jasdir singh jaura | Thu, 08/05/2010 - 12:37