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I think it is important to distinguish between Real and Fact. I said in the earlier post "Wake up to the real" that sleep is our main and perhaps the only enemy. What constitutes this sleep has been a mystery. Shankara the great advaitic (vedanta) exponent call is indescribable (anirvachaniya).

In fact whole of our life is taken as sleep. In this sleep or dream state occur what we call reality and illusion. This is the approach of both Hindu and Buddhist schools.

We know well what is illusion, in the sense that which is both irrational and contrary to sane testimony. The Real to us appears as fact but is it so?

To me reality is a function of Ideas. We perceive things through ideas or our perception is coloured by them. It is not a question of replacing one set of Ideas (understanding?) with other. To perceive a fact we have to see clearly the fact of Ideas colouring everything. This very perception is an act towards perceving truth or fact and nothing more needs to be done.

Doing with regards to facts shows that we are still stuck in the realm of Ideas though they may be Real (as against illusion).

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All these concepts are dependent

I don't think anyone will argue with you about that. The problem is that all this, "real", "fact", "unreal" are hypothesis. You can never validate anything because every validation is dependent, dependent on your mind's anlysis, dependent on the input of your senses and so on. And this brings me to something more viable than all these concepts and it is to go beyond all of them. Why to care so much about these mind-made views of reality, so let it be maybe a fact, maybe a dream, maybe anything. Transcend the need to categorize, transcend that which has that need and be indifferent. Actually, you have no other choice.

kulchnaui | Sat, 08/06/2011 - 06:26