Reaching the Tao of Nondoing in Meditation

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"At the essence of being,
there is the natural zero-point
of effortless nondoing,
of pure natural stillness.

But if you take effortless nondoing
as a practice,
you will find a constant doing;
a constant involvement with thinking,
a constant resistance to this moment
through chasing desires
and avoiding pain.

And so that pull to be always be involved
with thoughts,desires and worries
must be broken.

That is why there are all
of the spiritual practices
that give the mind something to focus on
so that it can begin to burn away
these attachments to thought identification.

A technique like silently repeating 'I am'
while focusing on the feeling of being,
is a doing-practice.

You are actively focusing
on the feeling of being
to cut through that habitual pull
to be involved with thinking.

Through sitting with enlightened teachers,
the Shakti is awakened inside you
and you learn to build up the Shakti inside you
without wasting it.

You learn to purify the mind and body
with proper diet, exercise,
breathing exercises, yoga and chanting.

Make no mistake:
for real awakening to happen
there should be practice & discipline.

But through these practices,
the Shakti and awareness
burns through all of the attachment
to mental perception
and awakening happens.

And in that awakening,
all trying ceases.
Spiritual practice becomes about
surrendering into silence,
surrendering into stillness.
Allowing awakening to take place.

You realize the point
of non-movement, nondoing
as your true Self.

It does not necessarily mean
you stop outward disciplines and practices,
but rather your focus naturally rests
in the essence of nondoing,
in the essence of being pure awareness.

The entirety of existence
is found within oneself.
Inner and outer become one.

That feeling of surrendering into stillness
is similar to the experience of falling asleep,
but without ever losing consciousness.
In fact it is sinking ever deeper and deeper
into consciousness to rest in your natural state
of effortless stillness.

Much love,


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