Reaching the Depths of Consciousness in Meditation

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"In meditation
you are not moving
in a linear line
going from one
place to another.

Rather you are moving
deeper into this moment.

So the most important part
of meditation,
if you are practicing the path
of awareness
is to allow yourself
to rest in this moment.

To allow everything
to be exactly as it is
and relax into it
and sink right through it.

This sounds quite easy,
but when you are constantly
looking forward,
trying to attain something
trying to get somewhere,
then when you actually
try and rest in this moment,
you are confronted with something
that you want to escape.

It's like the closer you are
to no separation
you really feel
that sense of separation
the strongest.

When you are busy
looking forward in time
or backwards in time
then you have successfully
escaped fully feeling separation.

But the moment you give
up this linear movement
you are confronted
with what is here.

And then there is the need
for complete surrender,
to fully allow yourself
to sink into feeling
what is here.

To fully immerse yourself
into what is here
beyond the thoughts,
the emotions,
and the physical sensations.

There cannot be
any looking for it to be
a certain way.

You cannot look for there
to be a payout.

But the moment you give up
this constant urge to move
forward towards something,
and sink into this moment,

you are immersed in peace.

And then the practice
is to relax more and more
into the depth of consciousness
which exists outside of time.

To sink deeper and deeper
into the eternal stillness
of this moment
that lies beneath
all movement.



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