Rare Knowledge

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Talk given by Shri Ramakant Maharaj

Q. The Knowledge that you share here is very rare and different from other knowledge. Can you talk a little about that?

Maharaj: Knowledge means just to identify oneself in the real sense. Knowledge means to identify oneself in the real sense. We are knowing ourselves at present through the body-form: with the mind, ego, intellect, and so many concepts. But you are beyond that – your Presence is not that. You’re no longer taking  the medicine of body-knowledge, (buying into the world of illusion).  You are now out of this circle. Therefore, this knowledge, is a direct approach to the invisible, anonymous listener. What is knowledge? It is basically true knowledge of oneself,  self-knowledge. 

How long have you known yourself as a body-form? How long is this body-form going to last?  OK, we have certain information, but this knowledge is body-knowledge, dry knowledge. Unless you know yourself in the real sense, says Nisargadatta Maharaj, all these things, all these words used  about God, about spirituality, so many things... about this, about that,  about the future. All these words, concepts are  related to body-knowledge. 

Prior to beingness, you were totally unaware of anything. You were not even knowing the word ‘knowledge’ because you were not knowing yourself. You were not bothered with the body-form at all. But at the moment the spirit clicked with the body, identification began, conditioning started when eg, Mom said  " you are lady, or you're John, this is Ann", and so on. And as you heard various statements about you, you accepted them without question.  So, what we are doing here, is inviting the attention of the silent, invisible, anonymous listener within you, (addressing your reality prior to the formation of illusory layers and super-impositions). 

The silent, invisible, anonymous listener - Reality – You are That! We need to use some words to point to the Reality, to indicate something, but don't hang onto the words and take them literally. But talking in a conversation, discussion, you have to use words to get the sense, the principle, the gist, the essential meaning of that word. What does a particular word wish to convey? This knowledge that is being shared is direct, true and not up for debate.

Someone asked me whether or not I was realized...   it’s a silly question. How are you going to consider if someone else is realized or not? You have to see whether you are realized or not, and not compare this Master, with that Master, with that other Master. This question is an unnecessary question, a body question. Focus on you! What is your purpose? You have to come out of all this illusionary world. And when you know yourself, when this happens, the world (body-knowledge), will gradually lessen. Serious involvement is required. You have to come out of the illusionary picture, illusionary world. Things which are not present, (do not exist), you blindly sign up for (and accept as real). 

Nisargadatta Maharaj insisted that after knowing the Reality, his disciples should not go elsewhere for satsang as new situations, new Masters would inevitably create problems and doubts (ie where the Knowledge is indirect and takes the seeker back into the body-knowledge zone.). You have to be more concerned with yourself than with others because when you are trying to compare teachings or Masters, there is always cause for disagreement... This man, that man... Some people come and say... Oh, this man is even better, I'll come with you, or, why am I not having this experience? This happens with many devotees - I'm not quoting any names... but say one person has lots of experiences, so someone else pays special attention to his stories and he wants the same.... The Master does not give special attention or show favoritism to any devotee. Master is like a mother and you are the child... and you do not change your mother. People with various views, standpoints, opinions are coming to me. Everyone's having different experiences: your experience (pointing to the questioner), may be different from you, (another listener). 

All spiritual experiences are progressive steps, not Ultimate Truth. In the first instance, all body-based knowledge has to be dissolved. Then, only after clearing out all this knowledge, will Ultimate Truth emerge, come out. What I'm telling you just now will come out of you spontaneously - without your knowledge of yourself, and you will exclaim Oh! This knowledge is going, (flowing). It will just happen. So stop considering yourself as the body-form. Impressions (eg elements of conditioning), need to be dissolved, erased. You must have complete trust in your Self because of your Master. This is basically what is needed. Nisargadatta Maharaj had it, and Siddharameshwar Maharaj, too. So don't stress your mind or the brain, for it will happen spontaneously. 

Q. Yesterday, when you were speaking, there was a clarity and what was said was just right for that moment. You were speaking direct to the... which I wasn't fully aware of, but then afterwards... it was like aha! You know? You said the right things at the right time - like direct knowledge. 

Q. Also, what struck us when we came across Nisargadatta Maharaj, and his teacher,  Siddharameshwar Maharaj, was the strength of the teachings, the sheer force. Very striking! A lot of people in the West say 'this is amazing'. After so much of what might be called mental spirituality or  conceptual spirituality, these teachings are very fresh and powerful. And the whole lineage...It is extraordinary... The more one looks at it, and becomes open to it, the more rare and sure one gets, with a kind of certainty about it. 

M. Where all search ends, there you are. 


M. Everything starts from you and everything ends with you. "You", or "I", we use...(for communication, explanation purposes). but as a matter of fact, there is no "you" or "I". You are like the sky. Sky does not have its own feeling, no ego, no intellect, no shape. Spiritual science says you are beyond all that....

Q. When you speak directly to us and say, for example, "You are Ultimate Truth, You are Ultimate Reality", this is huge. It (the import),  is enormous.

M. Yes!

Q. It's wonderful!

M. Yes!

Q. To let that assimilate... digest. 

M. Yes!

Long silence follows

Q. It's terrific, beyond words...

M. Yes!

Q. As you said, "beyond words, beyond worlds!"

M. Words are only a medium. Nisargadatta Maharaj said this: "To say something about spirituality, you have to take ego. To express something, you have to assume the role of the Master and that of the disciple. But, as a matter of fact, there is no difference between Master and disciple. This is the plain truth, plain truth. Plain truth is being spoken here - no hide and seek. 

This knowledge is direct knowledge... and a direct approach. This is not an intellectual approach, not a logical approach, not an egoistic approach -  as all these things came after your Presence. OK!