Rare 1972 article on Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj by Frydman of "I AM THAT"

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Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj
by Maurice Frydman (compiler of the spiritual classic "I Am That")
Published in 1972

The remarkable thing about Nisargadatta Maharaj is his inexhaustible patience and willingness to answer every question, however odd or personal. One rarely has the good fortune of finding a realized man so willing to come down to the level of understanding of his listeners, so eager to make clear. His language is simple, direct, and forceful, the language of a clear minded man accustomed to express himself in action.

As a young man working hard to maintain his little family, he met his Guru and felt powerfully attracted. Lacking book knowledge, unburdened by theories and philosophically unprepared, he had no background of fixed ideas to stand between him and his own experience. He met a man who knew more and was willing to guide. The only sane attitude to take was either of total rejection or of total acceptance. Maharaj was wise enough to accept and obey. He began to spend his free time concentrating on the feeling “I-am”, under the watchful eye of his Guru. When the Master felt his death was coming, he called his disciple and told him: “You trust me, don’t you? Now, believe me when I tell you that you are the Supreme Reality here and now. There is nothing you need. Just remember what I told you.” Shortly afterwards the Guru died and Maharaj remained with nothing but his teacher’s assurance. This was enough. He abandoned his meditations, the various trances and visions he used to have ceased and he just lived his craftsman’s life, rather astonished at his Master’s words and uncertain what is to be done about them. Yet some inner clarification was going on in him all the time and all by itself truth dawned on him with overwhelming clarity and power. When asked who was responsible for the enlightenment, Maharaj would say that neither was; the Master saw no need for a change; the disciple saw no way. It were the words themselves that worked, because they were true. Of course, they were trusted. There was no resistance, no doubt, no hesitation. The Guru was trusted, that was all.

The question arose would the Guru’s words be as effective if he were not trusted? Of course, Maharaj would answer. The efficacy of the guru’s words does not depend on the attitude of the disciple. It is their being true that made them true. The disciple, by his disbelief, could only keep the words in abeyance, but they would materialize at the first opportunity. And the opportunity would happen sooner or later - a storm would come and dispel the clouds of ignorance due to inattention.

The word of the guru operates entirely by itself, independently of consciousness. Deep and far-going changes in character and outlook take place without any possibility of interference. When asked by what signs or tokens he could make out that he has realized his true being, Maharaj would answer - “There were no signs. I found myself without desires and without knowledge. There was nothing left but love, the state of witness was left behind; there was only love, all pervading, all-embracing, absolute. There were no crucial experiences, no soul-shattering visions. I just ceased imagining myself to be what I never was and there was nothing to replace the unreal with. There was no need to look for replacements - the nothingness was the fullness of understanding, love and silent peace.

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Incredible! Though there is nothing new nor significant in that article, it is a touching text because of the context, because it was written by this incredible man about another incredible man. The one is who managed to translate in an enlightened way the enlightened words of the other in Maharati to English.

abra | Sat, 01/25/2014 - 17:52
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Was this essay published in

Was this essay published in the magazine in the pic? Was it originally in Maharati?

carlito santo | Thu, 01/30/2014 - 08:47
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Loving memories of nisargadatta maharaj

Yes the article is from and in this magazine. Mostly Marathi articles with 2 or three articles in English. Translations not available though that I know of.
Nice piece!Loving memories of Nisargadatta Maharaj! See curios page for more / similar:

nisargadattadis... | Tue, 02/04/2014 - 15:25