Raising your vibration frequency

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We are drawing closer to the time of times where humanity will experience a shift in consciousness. Now is the time to prepare as we find any way possible to raise our vibration frequency levels. For some the ability to shift into altered states is very easy, for others it isn't that easy and assistance is needed and still yet there is the next to impossible which may take a miracle. What I am posting below are some websites that will help assist the next to impossible. If you sign up for these conference calls you are sure to be introduced to some wonderful awakened beings. Some you may have heard of while for others it may be your first introduction. If anyone is interested in connecting with beautiful souls such as Kenji Kumara, Hans Christian King, Dr. Kimberly George, Troika St. Germaine, Ann Taylor, Burt Goldman, Joanne Justis, Panache Desai, Mashhur Anam, Jarrad Hewett, Dee Wallace, Rikka, Lynn McKenzie, Brent Philips, Mas Sajady, Amethyst Wyldfyre and many more than I strongly recommend joining these teleconference calls by going here:








These are several sites that will assist anyone who is seeking anything from raising vibrational frequency to assistance in starting a healing ministry. Also, for those interested in hypnosis there is another teleconference you can sign up for here:


Here's to your shifting and awakening

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Why do you need to

Why do you need to compromise on these populist commercial western services when you have the original pure and easier methods? I browsed through these links you mentioned and I must say with all my experience and knowledge that I was sorry to see these distorted claims there, I can assure you that the only thing that they are raising is money.

If you truly want to expand your consciousnesses, if you truly want to raise your vibration, attend an Ayahuasca ceremony or follow the instructions at http://www.gurusfeet.com/forum/inner-body-meditation. You were blessed to happen to be exposed here to the core magic itself. People waste many years just to get to this doorstep.

silencio | Mon, 12/10/2012 - 07:38
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I didn't mean any harm as I

I didn't mean any harm as I was only trying to be helpful. I do realize alot of money could be spent here but this was not my thinking at all. There are some free resources that could assist as well. I do not work with any of these individuals nor am I trying to promote any scams. I was simply trying to be of some service and if I have upset anyone in this please accept my humble apology. Pax et

Mar Thoma

Marthoma | Mon, 12/10/2012 - 11:23
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My buddy and I had been just discussing this particular topic, This is always attempting to prove me incorrect! I am going to present her this particular blog post and rub it in a little!

Katline | Thu, 05/08/2014 - 13:30