Radical Change

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I wonder why it is so difficult to change radically though we know that only thing constant is change There is a change which is a mere continuity of the old habit patterns and our past modifying through experiences but in some way not altering the stream of consciousness. For example for so many thousands of years we have fought wars and exploited fellow human beings. The bitter lessons of conflict and divisions have taught us nothing. Like the tribes of old we still have what they call 'in group' and 'out group' that is us and they. Could there be peace with such an approach. Yet have we wondered what sustains this division.
One of the major factors that sustains this divisions and is the root cause of human misery is pursuit of pleasure and entertainment. The industry of entertainment is supposed to make us happy and apparently is does so but this might be the greatest delusion. Why do we seek entertainment? Is it to seek release from the boredom or to make this unbearable life a little more livable? Is it to make us forget our woes and rejuvenate us?
Entertainment seems such an innocuous thing and hardly the one that would be one of the main causes of misery. Perhaps we must begin by asking what does it take to be serious? Could we be content to remain superficial and dream of radical change? Could it come about by some miracle? In these times when we are proud to be rational we forget that if there is no radical departure in our thinking and actions we will continue to be what we are.
Escape is no solution to a problem. The problem of our mediocre life with it's routine boredom and struggle could be our greatest saviour only if we did not escape from the discontent. Pleasure and entertainment sustain an illusion and that is the greatest trick to keep us where we are.

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Like all animals, we are

Like all animals, we are based on a conditioning system which is aimed at survival, survival of the body and the species. We are programmed robots by nature - this can be easily witnessed by observing our thoughts and emotions in real time. Even most of our trials to escape the clutches of this robotness is part of our programming. When one says "I'm going to sit for meditation now and observe my thoughts" or "I will act now differently than I'm used to", he is acting through his conditioning.

There were always factors and people that managed to exploit this conditioning for their purposes - leaders in order to wage wars, capitalists in order to gain money, energetic forces in order to balance earth and so forth.

What you name as entertainment is just our basic survival programming to chase things that are vital to our survival (enjoyment from food and sex) and run away from those that risk it.

The problem is that part of our programming is to seek more. This is also part of the survival mechanism (the quantity of food that is sufficient for a child is not sufficient when he grows to be a man).

seeker | Tue, 10/14/2014 - 06:49