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Encouragement isa a necessary part of supervision.
Thomas J. Watson

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.
Booker T. Washington

If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you're a one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind.
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

In this country [England] it is good to kill an admiral from time to time, to encourage the others. The reference is to Admiral John Byng, who was executed in 1757 for failing to prevent the French from taking Minorca.
François Marie Arouet Voltaire

Nothing average ever stood as a monument to progress. When progress is looking for a partner it doesn't turn to those who believe they are only average. It turns instead to those who are forever searching and striving to become the best they possibly can. If we seek the average level we cannot hope to achieve a high level of success. Our only hope is to avoid being a failure.
A. Lou Vickery

Excellence and size are fundamentally incompatible.
Robert Townsend

Even to a wicked man a divinity gives wealth, Cyrnus, but to few men comes the gift of excellence.